Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sorry, don't believe he did...

It does strike me as odd the court decision on the spy found locked in a bag in that Scotland yard are convinced he locked himself in it and died.
Police today admitted that they are unable to explain the death of an MI6 spy whose body was found locked in a holdall bag.
Gareth Williams' mysterious death has been the subject of fierce speculation since he was found dead in his Central London flat three years ago.
Following a year-long investigation by Scotland Yard, officers today announced that they believe his death was accidental and that no one else was involved, although they concluded that it is impossible to reach a definite verdict on the case.
The finding contravenes the verdict of a coroner who last year ruled that Mr Williams had 'probably' been killed by someone else.
Scotland Yard detectives said that since it was possible for the codebreaker to climb in to the bag and lock it unaided, it is not necessary to posit any outside involvement.
Now other than the possibility that the guy was absolutely way out bonkers and had some sort of locking himself in a case fetish, it does rather strike me that climbing into a bag and locking yourself in it is a rather stupid way to kill yourself, even a yoga expert struggled with the task, nor can anyone explain why he did in in a bath.
Admittedly it is (sort of) possible for someone to do something as daft, which doesn't quite rule out the possibility of misadventure, but in this case the simplest solution (because he could) does rather strike me as a rather tenuous set of conclusions to come too, especially as the police found 15 sets of other peoples DNA in the flat whom they've been unable to identify.
There is of course the possibility of suicide and a bit of an attempt to wind up the investigators, but those who knew the guy didn't think he was suicidal either.
I guess we'll never know, but I'm with those who suspect foul play, even if it looks like something no competent murderer would do either come to that.

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Mrs Proudie of Barchester said...

Shall we apply Ockham's razor?

Anonymous said...

I made up a joke earlier but commented on the wrong comments I guess that is why I am not on QI 9 out of ten cats etc for joke about the mystery bag death see breast feeding fund below

Anonymous said...

Anon @11.12,
Have read it. You shouldn't have bothered.
I am surprised that in the intervening 2 years no enterprising newspaper has offered a sum of money to anyone who can show how it could be done. This could end the argument one way or another.
As far as the mysterious DNA found at the scene is concerned, there have been no reports of their racial characteristics (middle eastern, eastern European, white, black, yellow, etc) which can be determined from testing. Someone doesn't't really want us to know.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous forgive me I don't usually judge but I have a strong feeling that lots of people find you a bit of a bore. Humour is subjective of course but I suggest you try and lighten up a little more even in these difficult times.