Friday, November 29, 2013

The debasing of the language

English modifies itself on a daily basis as new words and meanings to words are added whilst others drop out of common usage. It can take a while or sometimes there's a sort of rush of publicity as a new word enters the language. As an example I now know what twerking is, although I've little use for it nor the desire to partake or witness such an event, still, at least I know what it is.
Other words though have been debased by intent to mean something at times that they simply aren't...
A racist thug burst into a petrol station and hurled a lump of raw bacon at the Muslim attendant.
The yob wrapped his face in a green scarf before ambushing the shocked worker, who was alone at the Pemberton Service Station in Wigan.
Police are treating the attack at 4.30am on Monday as racist and said it was 'utterly abhorrent'.
Yes, the police are treating it as a racist hate crime, not because the guy is Asian, but because he's a muslim. I've mentioned it before and I'll probably mention it again because there are some out there who read this blog who cannot differentiate between race and religion. So... muslim and islam are not races, they are religious terms, Asian is not a race either, it's many races from that continent from Chinese to Arab and unfortunately it's a catch-all term used by the MSM usually to describe a person from the Indian sub-continent. Even more unfortunately is the fact that if you threw bacon at the majority of people from the sub-continent, they'd either laugh in your face or think you mad. That's because the majority religion there is Hindu and they are more likely to be upset by a beef sandwich.
This is not an attempt to excuse the idiot who did this, simply a comment on lazy journalism and the utter idiocy of the police who apparently can't, like a lot of leftards tell the difference between race and religion.
Terms like racist have been completely devalued due to over use and misuse by many in the press, law enforcement and politics. It used to be an argument stopper to call someone a racist until people no longer cared and would simply carry on making their point as the caller was usually losing the argument...
Same with fascist, it used to be a piss poor political system a bit like socialism, now it's a term of abuse thrown at anyone who is concerned with mass uncontrolled immigration or the religious intolerance of muslims.
Right wing is a term particularly used by the press, it's a code word for racist or in the case of leftards also a term for anyone they don't like. Yet the term itself is a misnomer to describe non orthodox leftism in the form of Nazism and Fascism neither of whom are actually right wing in the shape of capitalist or market force led.
Sure language changes as do meanings but in the end the over use or inappropriate use of some terms has rendered genuine descriptions as meaningless or into something they simply don't mean at all.
A pity really, because the fascist racist left is a good one along with fascist islam.

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Anonymous said...

Agree. To object to the influx of Romanians, Bulgarians, Poles or Scots is to be “racist”. As for “right-wing”, that is rarely used; it is more commonly “far-right”. Those with whom the BBC is not in agreement is invariably “far-right” (like the EDL), while groups that may be even more obnoxious, yet the tone of whom the mind-set of the BBC Guardianistas is in full agreement gets no such additional moniker (like the UAF, a gross bunch of fascists but who spout the BBC “message”).

Radical Rodent