Saturday, November 30, 2013


Looks like the Tories are going to marginally tackle the green crap that posits itself as necessary to our planets well-being. I do not doubt that it won't be anything like enough and I do expect the usual bollocks from those who either have their fingers in the birdmincer pie and the hard of thinking enviroloonies who believe that taxpayer money should be taken without consent and spent on their ideas of what's happening to the planet, not what's actually happening.
The BBC has learned the full details of how the government plans to roll back the largest so-called green levy in an attempt to cut energy bills.
The details come in a letter - seen by the BBC - that was sent to energy firms by the government last night.
It sets out how a scheme that forces energy companies to give free insulation to low income households will be reformed by law next year.
The ECO scheme costs firms £1.3bn a year and adds about £50 to every bill.
As I said, nothing like enough and certainly not putting a dent into the green levy as such which currently stands at £112 per year rising probably to £194 by 2020 on average.
Essentially we're being forced to pay for something which doesn't work too well along with a backup which is cheaper to run, more efficient and actually works when the wind doesn't blow or blows to hard, it also is reliable at night when the sun doesn't shine. In any sane world of course the backup would be the main system, but because of the ludicrous carbon emission scam (carbon isn't warming up the planet) we have to use systems which cost a lot more to generate electricity (birdmincers) aren't built yet (nuclear) or solar power which doesn't work too well and is prone to not working when it's dark.
Paul King, chief executive of the UK Green Building Council, said: "ECO is the lifeblood of the insulation industry and cuts to it will result in huge job losses and condemn hundreds of thousands of families to unaffordable energy bills, yet government appears to be in the pocket of some of the energy companies when it comes to deciding its fate."
Mr King seems to be ignoring just who is paying for those jobs and that it should not be the job of the state or the taxpayer to support or pay for an industry. Certainly a case can be made for seed money, but wholesale support of industries by the taxpayer is ridiculous and harks back to the days of the inefficient nationalised industries where billions were spent keeping them afloat.
We need to go back to sink or swim time with the green industries, I suspect most if not all would sink if the taxpayer weren't tilting the odds in their favour which is all the more reason to rid ourselves of them.
If or when an efficient eco friendly system is proven to work, I'll support it, in the meantime the enviroloonies and the government should get their hands out of my pockets.
In other good news, Tim Yeo the environment minister and a guy who has lined his pockets from the green scam has been deselected by his local party for being essentially a thief. (expenses scam)
So not a bad start to the day...

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Weekend Yachtsman said...

Don't get too excited.

According to today's paper, the Cleggeron is insisting that even if the levies are removed from bills, the subsidies paid to his chums for ruining the countryside must continue.

So all that's changed is that the levies will be moved into general taxation where they won't cause quite so much screaming.

The ripoff will continue unchanged.