Monday, November 25, 2013

Racism again

It's the cry of the perpetually offended, the argument stopper of the hard of thinking leftards the siren call of those who have no problem with racism against their own, but fail to see the double standards of applying different rules towards everyone else.
It's the point and scream method of debate that has brought the entire race industry into disrepute.
Want to talk about immigration = point and scream racism.
Want to talk about the lack of opportunities for young white English people = point and scream racist.
Question why those who were not born here or paid into our system should have exactly the same rights and benefits of those who were and do = point and scream racist.
ALMOST half of all Britons believe Romanians and Bulgarians should have no right to work, settle and claim benefits in the UK, a new survey reveals.
The latest survey, carried out by Channel 5, also revealed 56 per cent of UK residents feel immigration has had a net negative impact on Britain.
In an interview with Channel 5 News, Romania's Foreign Minister, Titus Corlatean called on David Cameron to reject "in clear terms the xenophobic and populistic and once again sometimes racist attitudes which are promoted by some other British politicians."
As I said, the point and scream method of shutting down a debate, simply say that those who argue against mass uncontrolled immigration are racist. Doesn't matter that we can't afford it, doesn't matter that our infrastructure can't cope, doesn't matter that these people are taking jobs that our own jobless could be made to do.
No, anyone who thinks these things is a racist and should be ignored.
Not that Cameron can stop the influx anyway, the previous Labour Prime Minister signed away any right to do so before Cameron got into power. Mind you Cameron's wishy, washy attitude towards the EU doesn't help either. he wants in and only pays lip service to the wing of his party and others who want out.
No, we've been stuffed up like a Christmas turkey by unscrupulous politicians who have only their own interests at heart, not the good of the country.
Had Cameron had any balls at all, we'd have left the EU by now and we wouldn't have this problem looming. But no, he wants to renegotiate something which is not going to be allowed and he gets hectored by Romanian politicians to not be a nasty racist to boot rather than put his countries interests first.
Can we not just leave?

3 annotations:

James Higham said...

Can we not just leave?

A question we've been asking for how long now?

Dioclese said...

Ask me again after the 2014 Euro elections, JH. I fear it's as close as we are ever likely to get to a referendum on the issue...

Anonymous said...

The Romanians and Bulgarians may not be the same nationality as the indigenous British, but they are the same race – hence, where’s the racism?

Reminds me of one of the professionally offended, Lemon Cissy (and a big cissy, too) getting in a chunter about a golliwog in a beautiful mural painting of Alice in Wonderland. This, he moaned, was belittling the blacks – though was unable to explain quite how. What galled me was his hairstyle (very much like a golliwog’s, oddly enough) – obviously adopted to cock a snook at the many men who are more follicularly-challenged. So, on behalf of the balding people of this country, I think I should take offense at this, and demand that he shave his locks off. How can I get a seat on the BBC Breakfast couch to voice this challenge?

Radical Rodent