Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Follow the money

Green policies, politicians think we love them, opinion poll's and market research tells them that we don't mind protecting the planet, so long as it doesn't cost us an arm and a leg, sadly there are very few green policies if any, which don't.
So it came as no surprise that a greedy few politicians tried to hold Cameron to ransom over his alleged 'drop the green crap' comment over energy price hikes cause by politicians of all major parties really not getting the underlying anger people are starting to feel over the green crap.
David Cameron risks splitting the Conservative party if he abandons the green agenda, senior MPs have warned.
The Prime Minister was confronted by more than 25 Tory ministers and MPs demanding he stick to his promises on the environment.
It follows reports he told aides to ‘get rid of all this green crap’ amid warnings that abandoning the modernisation of the Tory party will cost him the next election.
Why do I have the feeling that those politicians are all raking it in from various energy companies, or are so deluded that they actually believe the planet is warming up due to the influence of man rather than the big ball of energy in the sky AKA the sun?
These politicians are also claiming back their energy bills from the taxpayer on second homes as well as raking it in for other things not exactly pertaining to their jobs. Some of those trying to flex their muscles are standing down at the next election anyway including the MP for Thanet which has a huge offshore wind farm employing locals who naturally will be worried if the government pulls the plug on the green scam.
What these envirotards won't accept is that people are dying from the cold because they can't afford to heat their homes due to the green levy. Any MP who voted for the green levy is tantamount to a murderer at worst or a scammer at best in my eyes and yes that includes Millipede E who brought this disgusting tax upon us as energy minister in the last government.
I rather suspect Cameron will lose the next election if he doesn't drop the green crap, but then again there's an awful lot that he simply doesn't get in the psyche of the average voter on green policies or anything else for that matter which is why he'll lose the next election anyway.

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Dioclese said...

Personally I would drop the 'green crap' in an instant...