Saturday, November 9, 2013

Asking for it...

It should come as no surprise that terrorist subjects are roaming the UK and are being observed by the security services. It should also come as no surprise that periodically such observations are reviewed by a parliamentary committee. Sadly it should also come as no surprise that with Lib Dems in the government there's a problem...
A would-be suicide bomber, a jihadi fighter and an extremist who trained with the failed 21/7 attackers are among six terror suspects who will have restrictions lifted in just two months.
The British citizens, aged 25 to 39, all have close links to Pakistan, Somalia and Iran. They have all been under the supervision of MI5 thanks to Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Orders, which involve tagging, restricting their movements and who they can talk to.
But, according to The Sun, the orders expire on January 26 after two years - and so far Liberal Democrat ministers have refused to allow their renewal.
Now whilst I believe the state has far too much power over us and has with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act allowed some in power to abuse their spying on us, I do believe that there are occasions when some people need to be watched. Not necessarily hindered or prevented from living their lives, but kept under observation because they may pose a threat to the rest of us. By threat I do not mean trying to get their kids into a better school or putting the wrong recycling in the wrong bin.
Why do I also have the suspicion that these people do not see themselves as 'British' except when it's convenient for them to be British but rather see themselves as something else, possibly beginning with the m word.

Suspect 1: A British man, 25. Involved in liquid bomb plot to blow up transatlantic flights.
Suspect 2: British train driver, 31, married with three children. Went to Pakistan for terror training in '08.
Suspect 3: Thirty-nine, British, married with five children. Funded brothers' terror activities in Pakistan.
Suspect 4: Trained in 2004 with failed 21/7 bombers. Plotted attacks on UK. Aged 29.
Suspect 5: Iranian/British, 29, went to Somalia in 2006 for training.
Suspect 6: In Afghanistan to fight western troops in 2008 and had terror training in Somalia in 2009. Fought with al-Shabaab.
Can't help but think that there is some sort of common factor linking these people, but it escapes me at the moment ;-)
 Yet again the Lib Dems appear to not have the best interests of the people of the UK at heart... though why the Tories allowed them influence over security measures is beyond me.

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