Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rough justice

I'm sure the judge had his reasons, I'm sure the authorities have theirs, but unless there's something I'm missing here and let's face it, it is possible, but I don't understand this case at all...
A stalker who has terrorised a young woman for two years has been freed from court and allowed to live next door to her.
Darren Blee, 22, plagued Pippa Dowson by following her day and night, hiding in bushes and jumping out in front of cars she was in.
Blee, who lives with his parents, admitted an ‘unhealthy fixation’ with the 20 year-old and told police he could not stop himself from following her.
He pleaded guilty to stalking but was given a suspended sentence and left to return to his home in Truro, Cornwall.
The Mail is its usual hysterical self, but what Blee got up too would be terrifying for pretty much anyone, particularly as he had a restraining order against himself for his stalking. You would think though that perhaps, just perhaps the judge might have instructed that he no longer be allowed to live next door to the woman? Or even in the same country? Sure he doesn't appear to be psychotic (yet) but we've seen what happens when care in the community goes terribly wrong far too many times, and no, lessons bloody well aren't being learned!
Sooner or later there will be a survey which will show that people are losing respect for and confidence in the law. There will be a lot of hand-wringing and questions asked by politicians, but in the end it will be down to cases like this, the two tiered nature of the legal system itself which has set itself against the indigenous population and politicians themselves who constantly meddle in peoples lives when there's no need too.
I keep hoping that one day those in power over us will come to their senses before the inevitable civil war.
It's still looking like a very vain hope.

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Radical Rodent said...

Man or not, there is definitely a growing anger in the general population. It alarms me, as one of the "great unwashed", yet those to whom the ire will be expressed do continue to seem to be totally oblivious to the mounting pressure. Should it explode, the sight will not be pleasant - more frightening is the knowledge that I will be one of those on the barricades, a position I would never would have placed myself in not too long ago (and not a pretty picture, either, if you knew me).

Take consolation in that only the Coldstream Guards pledge allegiance to Parliament (and even that may be solely dependent upon tradition); all others of the armed forces pledge to the Monarch, who is more in touch with the mood of the subjects than Parliament. To whom do the police pledge their allegiance?

Quiet_Man said...

I believe the police still pledge to the crown in order to maintain the Queen's peace.

Fahrenheit211 said...

Some good points there QM. Speaking of a lack of respect for the law, I can't get my head around why a people trafficker could only get 51 weeks imprisonment even though the trafficking victim was raped and sexually assaulted by a couple of Muslims? 51 weeks for people trafficking, it beggars belief. Whatever the background of the victim this is an appalling crime for which was given a derisory sentence.


DerekP said...

Maybe he'd already been on remand for enough time that it equalled the 51 week sentence (with the obligatory time off for only attacking us proles)?

Fahrenheit211 said...

DerekP Even if that is the case 51 weeks is still a derisory sentence, especially when compared to the case where some joker got ten months inside just for putting bacon out side a mosque.

Does that mean we now have a situation where taking part in people trafficking where the victim ends up being raped by Muslims is less serious than what is at best a minor insult?

If that is the case then trouble is most definitely being stored up for the future.

DerekP said...

"...a derisory sentence..."

I agree, but we appear to now have a two-tier politically-biased legal system, where the 'favoured' groups are given preferential treatment, even to the point where systematic violent crimes against the 'proles' are wilfully ignored until there are mass protest marches on the streets.

selsey.steve said...

A dog worries sheep? It gets shot.
A human worries another human? It goes free.
Something wrong somewhere.