Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Apparently the BBC gives far too much weight to climate sceptics, which I suspect will come as a big surprise to climate sceptics. Though I do suspect the minister in question means that the BBC mention them at all rather than sticking to the green religion.
Greg Barker, the climate change minister, has criticised the BBC's coverage of climate change claiming it gives undue weight to the opinions of sceptics.
Mr Barker told MPs that the BBC is too concerned with including the counter-opinions of sceptics, creating the false impression that scientists are not in general agreement about the problem.
It means that the corporation is stuck in a "groundhog day" of debating the basic facts about climate change while other broadcasters have accepted the science and moved on to discussing what should be done about it, he said. Treating mainstream and sceptical views with equal weight is "doing the public a disservice by treating them as equal, which is not the case," he claimed. The Tory minister also claimed that certain elements of the press give undue weight to sceptical research which has not been peer-reviewed, particularly some Sunday newspapers which he said present comment as science.
It's the old 'science is settled' argument again, when it very clearly is not.
You can almost smell the desperation of the warmist cult as every prediction they have made has had to be downgraded or simply just changed to suit a new set of data that keeps foundering on the fact that the planet is entering a cooling cycle. The latest claims that the oceans are absorbing all the heat is total bollocks too, heat rises and despite the bleating of the warmists, Arctic ice is increasing and all attempts to canoe across it have failed.
No, the reason the media are up in arms over climate change is that the climate isn't changing in the way that was predicted. The more your predictions fail, the closer the scrutiny becomes. With the warmist cult though denial, lies and deliberate manipulation of data to fix a result have been the norm in their attempts to force us down an unnecessary path to line the pockets of the government via a carbon tax and the associated wind farm scams whose directorships are filled with senior ministers and civil servants.
There are lies, damned lies and climate change statistics from the warmists and they are clearly getting very desperate indeed if they are attacking one of their temples in the global warming loving BBC.

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Anonymous said...

They have so much in this game, its criminal.

And little old ladies, the genuinely poor and those struggling to keep their heads above water and food on the table are subsidizing the wealthy.

Its as if Dickensian Britain never went away.