Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Or you could just have policies people will vote for...

It's always nice to see the Tories with their knickers in a twist over Ukip, it's not like they can see a way clear to adopt Ukip policies on the EU and so are forced into warnings that a vote for Ukip is a sure way to let the Marxist Millipede into Downing Street.
Boris Johnson warned Tory supporters to end their flirtation with the UK Independence Party last night or watch Ed Miliband ‘sleepwalk’ into Downing Street.
Dismissing calls from some ministers for the Tories to ignore Nigel Farage’s party, the London Mayor told David Cameron he must tackle them head on – or risk defeat.
In a bid to burnish his credentials as the saviour of his party, Mr Johnson said he would ‘do my best to be useful’ in helping to win the general election.
Mr Johnson added: ‘Don’t vote for Ukip because we will see this country sleepwalk into a Labour government.’
The mayor’s decision to help Mr Cameron rather than cause trouble as he has at past conferences is a measure of the concern in Tory high command at the way Ukip is peeling away the votes of traditional Tories.
Well, it does strike me that Boris could ensure that a Conservative government is actually led by a Conservative rather than a pale pink wannabe. Cameron's track record has basically alienated the grass roots of the party, the ones who were prepared to go out and canvas votes in all weathers as they believed in traditional Conservative values. In of course steps Cameron who promotes  parachuting his favourites into candidate lists and taking away power from the local branches and consolidating it in Central Office and then wonders why all the locals have decided for a party that actually represents what they are thinking.
If the Tories want to stop Ukip, then they need policies that will cause Ukip to be irrelevant. As it is, with cast iron Cameron in charge they can't as his love affair with leftist liberalism and the EU make it impossible to put clear blue water between the Tories and the Labour parties, although to give him credit Marxist Millipede is doing his best to put clear red water between him and the country in an attempt to keep the unions (though no one else) happy.
Warnings about Ukip will no longer work, people want change and are prepared to vote Ukip in protest, or because they actually represent in some ways the way they think, that's not just Tory voters, but Labour ones as well.
As for Millipede getting into power, well he just might, but it will be because the Tories abandoned their followers, not vice versa.

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Mike Spilligan said...

If enough of us UKIPpers vote in local elections we can start claiming that it's Tories or Labour "splitting the vote". I've had enough of the implication that it's only Tories that we appeal to - there must be many former Labour voters that might come over if they don't start to believe that we're "Tories under the skin".

Kath Gillon said...

After Mr Johnsons agreement with the left wing "I know best" chef Mr Jamie Oliver, that "migrant workers work harder than UK workers" as far as I am concerned Boris has lost any shred of credibility he had.
People like that who turn and stab their own kind in the back should all be put on a boat to an EU destination and left there to "admire the workforce" at it's finest.
Some time ago (after the ruinous election of Camoron as party leader) I did believe Boris may be the answer however he has shot himself in the foot with that one, with his cosying up to the muslims and his recent speeches seem to be marking him as just as left wing as the rest of the Tory party. Churchill and Maggie must be turning in their graves.