Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Can't do the time?

Then don't do the crime.
I'm sure the watermelons and their supporters in the enviroloony movement believe as the leftards do that they ought to be immune to prosecution for crimes that they would happily see others arrested for. Same with journalists too, after all breaking the law to get a 'scoop' is not entirely unknown in the UK either. Still, in other countries, the rules are applied a little more rigorously and some enviroloonies and journalists have discovered that their pastime of irritating the rest of us over protests about Russian oil platforms has landed them facing charges in a Russian court for piracy.
A British journalist is among several UK nationals facing up to 15 years in Russian prisons after being formally charged with piracy in what Greenpeace has described as the greatest threat it has faced since the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior.
Former Times journalist Kieron Bryan, who was working as a freelance videographer on the environmental group’s vessel Arctic Sunrise when it was boarded by Russian coastguards last month, was one of the first to be formally charged by a court in the Arctic port of Murmansk today.
Greenpeace activists Philip Ball, Alexandra Harris, and Anthony Perret, were also charged with the same offence later in the day. Mr Bryan’s brother Russell pleaded for his release, telling Sky News: “Kieron is calm and sensible but at the moment he is in a situation which he has no control over. “None of us here has any control over it either and we’re very scared and deeply worried. We just want him home.”
Perhaps Mr Bryan should have thought about this before he put his prejudices before his common sense, after all, what's the difference between what Greenpeace were up too and say a Somali pirate? Both board vessels illegally and both are a bloody nuisance on the high seas. If anything a Somali pirate is more honest as he's just trying to enrich himself by his own criminality, whereas Greenpeace enrich themselves by the headlines they produce.
It's a pity that the fracking enviroloony idiots in the UK who think nothing of breaking the law cannot be dealt with in the same was as Greenpeace, where breaking the law in the name of their faux religion might be coming to an end... in Russia at least.

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Barman said...

Excellent post - I loathe Greenpeace...

Welcome back by the way, I haven't been able to read your blog for a couple of days... :(

Lee said...

I loathe Greenpeace too, and the rest of the envirothermofascists. 'Do as I say, not as I do' seems to be their motto.

Anonymous said...

Was there ever a more bwahaha, hahahahahaha, hahahahahahahaha moment?
It;s just a shame that the Russians don't execute pirates anymore.......