Monday, September 9, 2013

Explosion of pay strikes... ah, that will be the public sector then.

Apparently it's the annual TUC jig and unlike the days of yesteryear when the BBC would televise it in all its corrupt left wing dullness, no one seems to really give a damn about the unions these days save only those who are in the public sector where the dinosaurs still hold sway...
Delegates at the annual TUC Congress are due to vote on calls for a programme of industrial action today against Coalition cuts.
Unison leader Dave Prentis told the conference in Bournemouth that pay had fallen behind inflation for five years.
This would be the same Dave Prentis who back in 2010 was earning with benefits the princely sum of £127,436. Clearly a man of the people.
So what if pay has fallen behind inflation? His members are capable of finding a job elsewhere surely? Oh, I forgot, this is the public sector and they do like their little gold plated pensions along with a job for life. Whilst completely forgetting who actually stumps up for their wages, that being the same people who suffer when they get all bolshie about the fact that the magic money tree has dried up.
Teachers and firefighters are set to strike and the Communication Workers Union says it will ballot its members over Royal Mail privatisation.
Yep, again it's the public sector as in those whose remuneration comes out of the public purse. Those who don't appear to realise that there is a recession and even if they have, don't give a damn because they believe a strike will solve all their problems by getting more cash off the taxpayer (something that they always conveniently forget)
It will be interesting if in 2014 there is a government in place who won't kowtow to these dinosaurs led by those who do not suffer by said actions as those on strike will still keep paying their wages.
There was once a place for unions, rights and abuses to be fought for or against. These days, the public sector unions are just taking the piss...

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Anonymous said...

The royal Mail privatisations are due to EU directives. The TUC and the Unions love the EU. So, they should take their quarrel to our real masters in Brussels, not Westminster.

As for strikes, well, if they want a Conservative Government (sic) and Cameron back at No.10, then they are going the right way about it.

James Higham said...

Public sector - got it in one.