Friday, August 9, 2013

Wrong place at the wrong time...

The two ladies from North London who went to the barbaric islamic island of Zanzibar have finally returned to the UK. Apparently the Zanzibarian authorities have questioned some people and came out with the title of the blog post.
Two British women who had acid thrown in their faces in Zanzibar have arrived back in the UK.
Kirstie Trup and Katie Gee, both 18 and from north London, landed at RAF Northolt at about 13:45 and went by ambulance to hospital in west London.
Zanzibar police have offered a £4,000 reward for information leading to capture of the suspects.
A police commissioner told the BBC several people were being questioned but a motive had not been established.
The BBC's Tulanana Bohela, in Dar es Salaam, said Islam is the main religion on Zanzibar and in more remote parts of the island, away from tourist beaches, there are signs asking foreigners to respect the local culture and cover up - in case skimpy outfits upset villagers.
Now I'm all for being careful about observing local customs when abroad, my good Lady and I kept covered up when we visited Egypt, though we did get tutted at in the airport for holding hands by some old biddy. However it's becoming plainly obvious that a certain stripe of muslim believes they can inflict their view upon anyone muslim or not in the most barbaric manner possible. One of the girls had previously been slapped for singing during ramadama ding dong, by some islamofreak, despite it not being the girls religion. They were even covered up when the to barbarians on the motorcycle sprayed them with battery acid, so they were following the rules.
But rules don't count for anyone in an islamic area who isn't a muslim of a certain stripe, or female, or Jewish or Christian, because to muslims of a certain stripe we are the problem simply by being. That makes us fair game for bombs, bullets, acid and any other means of jihad.
I do believe that eventually muslims of a certain stripe will push us all to far and we'll deal with them and (probably unfortunately) a lot of other muslims who simply want to get by permanently and with extreme prejudice. Why? Because they are acting more and more like Nazi's every day and people will only tolerate so much islamic supremacism before snapping.
The day is coming when ordinary muslims will bitterly regret the actions of the fanatics acting in their name, mark my words.

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