Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stirring up tensions?

You have to wonder at the sheer hypocrisy of those who have a problem with the current Home Office campaign against illegal immigrants. After all, you'd suspect that the term illegal rather gives the game away.
Still, you cannot expect the hard of thinking aka the left and its bed chum the race industry to apply common sense to a genuine problem, as far as they are concerned the campaign is racist because it targets foreigners...
Vans with the slogan "Stirring up tension and division in the UK illegally? Home Office, think again" have been driven around London by civil rights campaign group Liberty.
The organisation is using the vans in opposition to the government's "go home" immigration campaign vans.
The Home Office adverts said: "Go home, or you'll be picked up and deported".
The government said its campaign was "another part of the reforms...that have seen net migration drop".
Now whilst Liberty is a little bit more user friendly to right wing thinking (marginally) its roots are definitely left leaning and only really interested in left-wing freedoms and rubbish about human rights, the human rights of the criminal classes that is. And as the Labour peer Lord Lipsey has reported the ads to the Advertising Standards Authority, and the union Unite has said the government's campaign was "vile" and it was seeking legal advice, you can guess just how effective the campaign is...
The left love immigration, illegal or not because the majority of immigrants will vote for the left wing lunacy of the state giving them more dosh from the hard working, it's a similar case with the left and the benefits class, though they do struggle to get them to vote as opposed to the block postal votes of certain immigrant groups.
The left as ever keep forgetting who has to pay for these illegals and that is the working classes whose jobs are threatened by cheap uncompetitive labour, it's the tax payer who also have to pay for the inevitable legal costs when the illegals are caught and start to play the system as well.
Human rights are a good thing, don't get me wrong, however as with many things they get abused and used in ways they were never meant to be used for, or are so badly written that they are abused by the lawyers to exploit the system to pay them to defend the indefensible.
Still, I'm sure the government are just loving all these loony lefty organisations helping them fool the public into believing they are serious about clamping down on illegal immigration. There are estimated to be around 400,000 criminal entrants living in the London area alone, how many of them have they captured so far? About 120 of them and I suspect and they'll let most of them go in the end if they haven't done so already. But because of all this fuss and general nonsense you are supposed to think they are doing something effective. It's their insult to our intelligence once more which angers the most.
Damned if we do and damned if we don't.

2 annotations:

JimS said...

Government (of all colours) has always gone for 'vile' campaigns against illegal activities. Why pick on this one? That says more about the complainer than the complaint, I think.

TV licensing campaigns have been particularly 'vile' in the past, culminating in the threatening personal letter, which, as an afterthought, closes with the paragraph that acknowledges that one might just,( but not very likely), not need one.

James Higham said...

Now whilst Liberty is a little bit more user friendly to right wing thinking (marginally) its roots are definitely left leaning and only really interested in left-wing freedoms

Was waiting for you to say that.