Thursday, August 22, 2013

None of our business

The BBC and other assorted leftists were up in arms at the use of chemical weapons in Syria the other day, seems cutting the hearts out of an unbeliever by their side is ok, but gassing the people they support isn't. We've even had the unedifying spectacle of George Galloway trying to implicate Israel for the incident. Naturally the attempt to try and involve the West because children were involved is now the clarion call of all those who in the past haven't wanted foreign intervention anywhere as it enhances imperialism.
France has said a "reaction with force" could be needed if Syria is proved to have used chemical weapons against its own people.
The comments from Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius come as Syrian activists say hundreds of people were killed in such attacks in Damascus on Wednesday.
The UN has asked Syria to allow UN weapons inspectors already in country to be allowed to investigate.
There is no sign as yet that Damascus will allow this.
Even if the Syrian government are doing this, it's still none of our or even France's business and unless the Syrian government are trying to gas us, it never will be. That's not to say I haven't empathy for the victims, it's just that there are countries a hell of a lot closer who need to be involved in what is basically an islamic civil war first before my interest might be piqued. Even then it will probably be to build a big wall around the place and negotiate with the survivors.
Nor do I believe that there is any place in our society for any refugees either, we have a big enough islamic problem as it is and adding several thousand freedom fighters will not help.
No, Syria is not our problem, it's unlikely to ever be our problem, let the muslims sort it out for themselves...

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Barman said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Why all the hoo-ha over the alleged use of a chemical weapon? is that so much more awful than being ripped open by red hot shell splinters?

Anonymous said...

Cramner has a good piece on his blog. In it he asks, "Cui Bono." Who benefits ?

Which is a really good question when you think about it.