Friday, August 23, 2013

New Zealand

Anyone out there know how to go about getting a maintenance job in New Zealand that will lead to residency?
Just asking as I've really had enough of this country.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry no I don't, wish I did and I'd bloody well join you. Millions of us have had enough too! If you find out please share.

Mac said...

Absolutely no help to you now, but about a hundred years ago I did enquire and was informed that you'd get a 'free pass' if you were a doctor, a dentist, a carpenter (predominately timber framed housing?) or, strangely, a cobbler.
It's so long ago I don't remember any other details but I'm still here so, outwith the 'free pass' professions, it must've been tough to get in back then.

Try this link;

Restoring Britain said...

Here's a NZ jobs website.

Sorry if you're already aware on this, but NZ has a population of roughly 4m with about 1m of them living in Auckland which tends to make most of the jobs there.

That said if you know you way around air con systems, apparently there's quite a healthy sum of money to be made in the countryside maintaining the air con systems on dairy farms.

JM said...

You and me both, I'm to old now, but I keep on at my kids to emigrate, then I can live in a shed at the bottom of their garden.

Dioclese said...

It's not so easy to get a visa for NZ unless you start up a business and employee to locals. If you're over 40, there's practically no chance any other way. I tried when I retired.

You could do what a pal of mine did to work around the problem. Emigrate to Oz and stay there long enough to get Australian citizenship (4 years? might be wrong?) then move to NZ. Australians and go to NZ and vice versa.

One word of warning tho'. What makes you think it's any better over there. Different yes. Better? Not necessarily

I looked into various options when I retired and when I added it all up, here was as good as anywhere believe it or not.