Sunday, July 14, 2013

But I thought it was a 'religion of peace?'

Someone in the government is clearly not 'on message' after all what else could you think about Education Secretary Michael Gove's decision to block the opening of a 'primary' school for muslims on the grounds that it is linked to Islamic extremism? After all, after the butchery of Lee Rigby, we had David Cameron telling us that the barbarism wasn't 'islam' and that islam is a religion of peace, though admittedly fewer people are inclined to believe this view than ever before these days...
A flagship free school has been blocked by Michael Gove following claims that it is linked to Islamic extremism.
The Education Secretary pulled the plug on the Muslim-inspired Northern Lights primary school in Halifax, Yorkshire, following a three-month investigation.
Ministers ordered the inquiry after complaints that a local Islamic centre had circulated a leaflet suggesting that Muslim parents who failed to support the free school would be condemned.
The leaflet said: ‘If it was said to us, “If you do not attend this meeting your child will die,” I am certain we would all make sure we attend the meeting.
‘What I am about to address... is even more serious than death and that is for us and our children to be safe on the Day of Judgment.’
Free schools are state-funded but operate independently of town halls and Northern Lights, which was to be run with a Muslim ethos, was due to open in September.
However, despite its denials that it endorsed the leaflet or extremist views, Ministers voiced worries about ‘inclusiveness and governance’.
Calderdale Council had written to Mr Gove warning about the ‘close links’ between the Sunniyy Islamic Centre and the school.
And David Whalley, the council’s Head of Learning, said: ‘The potential risk of a negative impact on community relations within the area is high.’
Lovely bunch of people I'm sure in the local islamic centre and clealy off message too, though they were talking to other muslims so possibly not, after all with other muslims they don't have to pretend.
Seems also off message were the local council who are clearly islamophobes and bigots, they have a single BNP member so that makes it obvious, clearly he/she has brainwashed the other 50 members into seeing things the wrong way... (sarcasm)
I mean what is the media and the powers that be to do when their pet islamics keep getting into the news for all the wrong reasons, there's only so many good news stories and blame offsetting that can be done. It's even come to the stage where blaming the EDL has become counter-productive as no-one believes for a moment that the EDL do half the things they are accused of. (more sarcasm)
Still it is bad when the Education Secretary himself can't be bothered to toe the official line that islam is a pink fluffy bunny religion that wouldn't hurt a fly and is clearly being maligned by right wing thugs and hooligans who are forcing good muslims into self defenceing their good intents by the odd beheading and bomb attack. (even more sarcasm)
This unfortunately is the result of inviting in a fascistic totalitarian cult masquerading as a religion who have no qualms about threats or lying in order to forward their plans for world dominance. That they have fooled some politicians and the media is a given (not terribly hard really) but that they continue to forward the lie that theirs is a religion of peace despite the overwhelming evidence against this statement is simply gobsmacking as is the media and political narrative that continues to say this too.
Their problem now is that no one believes the narrative any more.
There is and should be no place for islam in a civilised society... end of...

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Anonymous said...

How can Cameron, in all honesty say Islam is the 'Religion of Peace' when, all over the Muslim world and especially in Syria, Muslims are killing Muslims.

Don't here to much on Catholic v Catholic or Sikh v Sikh stuff.

Why is that ?