Thursday, May 2, 2013

A cast iron hint...

My goodness, Ukip do appear to have the Tories somewhat rattled, what with the smear attempts in the MSM and now Dave 'cast iron' Cameron declaring a hint that he 'might' change the law to guarantee an EU referendum.
With anti-EU party UKIP set to make a significant breakthrough today, David Cameron has reinforced his commitment to hold a referendum on Britain’s future in Europe.
The Prime Minister said yesterday he was prepared to consider legislation that would guarantee an in/out referendum if he wins the general election in 2015.
More than 100 Conservative MPs have urged Mr Cameron to back legislation on a referendum in this Parliament – even if Labour and the Liberal Democrats conspire to vote it down.
Mr Cameron also sought to reassure core Tory voters by acknowledging frustration with the slow pace of change on immigration policy, and promised measures in the next few weeks to limit immigrants’ access to welfare and the NHS.
Tory and Labour strategists expect UKIP to perform strongly in today’s council polls, taking seats from both parties, and to come second in a Commons by-election in the South Shields seat vacated by David Miliband. One poll yesterday suggested UKIP could take as much as 22 per cent of the vote in local elections and significantly limit the progress made by Labour.
Thing is though, Ukip are taking just as many votes from those considered traditional Labour voters than they are Tories. Why? Well apart from the fact that the various parties went about acting as if they owned the votes people were casting and treating them with contempt. The main reason is that Ukip are starting to be acknowledged as the only party prepared to do something about the status quo situation where the various parties are run by the political classes for the political classes. Ukip have said they'll deal with immigration, Ukip have said they'll deal with the EU, Ukip have more or less said they'll put the people who live here first and foremost.
Not one of the other parties have said this. Individual members might have, but the parties, no.
Also a lot of people suspect that any referenda on the EU will be a complete stitch up by the political classes. A vote for Ukip means no referendum, just a phased withdrawal from the EU.
Cheaper for one thing, less messy for another.
As it is, I'm not bothered who you vote for, all I'll say on the matter is that a vote for the big three as it were is a vote to continue the system that has wrecked this country inside and out.
I'll never vote for them again.

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Anonymous said...

I am utterly opposed to socialism, an ideology that has a 100% track record of failure. Since all three major political parties are now socialist, UKIP appears to be the only non-socialist choice.