Wednesday, April 10, 2013

They have a right, as do we...

The Thatcher legacy rumbles on in the press, on social media such as twitter and Facebook as well as in various blogs. What can certainly be accurately said is that the woman certainly produced strong feelings in many, from adulation to vitriolic hate, despite being out of power for nigh on 23 years.

Never forgive, never forget
There has been arranged a ceremonial funeral (rather than a state one) with a Falklands war theme running through it perhaps the one even which most find it in their hearts to believe in this Thatcher got it dead right. as for the rest, well it depends on your point of view...
The woman behind an internet campaign to organise street parties to "celebrate" the death of Baroness Thatcher can be named as Romany Blythe, a drama teacher from Brighton.
Romany Blythe, 45, created a group on Facebook called The Witch is Dead followed by more than 5,000 people, calling for “demonstrations of disapproval” across the country.
A number of places on the list were locations of riots and demonstrations that took place across the country on Monday, including Bristol city centre and George Square in Glasgow. Blythe is a drama teacher with a workshop company that visits secondary schools. She specialises in “facilitating workshops for young, excluded and potentially criminalised individuals and uses drama techniques she has developed to explore resolution of conflict and oppression,” according to the company's website.
Actually just reading her profile on there tells you pretty much all you need to know about a woman who doesn't really have any experience of the real world.
However she does have the right to organise her protests as do others who cannot forgive Thatcher for dealing with socialisms poisoning of the UK via the unions and militant tendency. Nor do I blame them for holding onto their hatred, it's their right, however silly it would appear to be to many others.
And that's the rub isn't it?
They have the right to trumpet their hate, yet many of them would attempt to stop others from going into mindless triumphalism 
One of the things we've lost in this country is a right...
That's the right to face up to the consequences of our actions. Now say this woman did hold a street party (Bet Brighton Council forego a elf n safety review) you can bet the police will step in if say such a party came under threat from a counter-protest. Same if it were vice versa, though the English at least don't tend to celebrate death as such which is why the leftist parties look distinctly churlish or even moronic.
The people holding such parties will be expecting to be protected if they come under threat because of their actions. These would be the same people who in the past tried to stop Nick Griffin speaking on Question Time, who attempt violence during their own protests, who issue threats on social media and generally believe that everyone should believe as they do.
They want their rights, but forget we have rights too. They expect the full protection of the law, but protest if the law protects others.
Hypocrites all.


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Anonymous said...

Very well said.
Thank You.

Dioclese said...

God knows what these prats will pull next Wednesday...

Anonymous said...

If protesting or demonstrating isn't a breach of the peace well im dammed if I know what is? Next thing you know all these lefties will be loading up their Pick up trucks and going for a cruise down the Strand while firing their AK47s into the air!!