Friday, March 8, 2013

Not a surprise to me

I doubt it will be a surprise to anyone reading this blog either, though perhaps the odd few who come along to check just what the 'opposition' is thinking might. I have been saying here and on many different blogs and MSM outlets where comments are allowed that the EDL are not what most people think they are and that the media narrative was (and is) to paint them as football hooligans and violent racists. This is despite the evidence that most of the violence at an EDL demo comes from those who oppose them.
Half the supporters of the far right English Defence League (EDL) are respectable managers and white collar workers, a report has revealed.
Usual prénom of far right tagged in there despite no evidence at all of the EDL being far anything.
The study found the image of young unemployed people alienated by tough economic times and turning to the anti-Muslim and anti-immigration group was a myth.
In fact half of sympathizers are in full time work, almost one in five is university educated and more than two thirds own their own home.
The report, by the think tank Chatham House, warns ministers and those combating extremism need to reassess who they target.
Its author, Dr Matthew Goodwin, also warns that the EDL is part of a new breed of far right extremism that is more “confrontational and unpredictable” and more likely to support violence on the streets.
The only people promoting violence on the streets are the left and occasionally islamic groups, but as the report was comprised by the left leaning 'Common Purpose' it's not too surprising that it is filled with their current buzzwords and designed to make the EDL appear to be the aggressors. Still it must have stuck in their craw to realise that half (at least) of the EDL support comes from people they did not think to be radicalised (their term not mine) As for supporting violence, well the EDL have never set off bombs on trains and buses, nor attempted to bring a pipe bomb to a demo. The EDL have never rioted in central London and indeed were castigated for attempting to defend their homes when other communities were praised. It wasn't the EDL who throw fire extinguishers off rooftops, nor do they burn poppies. Amazingly enough most of us pay our way and do not rely on the benefits system. Though you could never convince a leftard of that or get it mentioned in the MSM who were convinced the narrative of those who opposed the EDL had to be true despite coming from some very dodgy characters (google swp/uaf and rape)
Groups like the EDL also shun images such as “racial supremacism” and actively sought to recruit people from Jewish, Sikh, Pakistani, Christian and gay communities, the report said.
Very 'far right' indeed, doesn't fit with the racist narrative at all does it? Though the public who have come into contact with the EDL are aware that they aren't all white skinheads. I predict the next buzzword from the left will be xenophobic, more in the hope that no one will actually know what it means, but it sounds better than racist which the EDL clearly are not.
They “appear united by the expectation that the country will soon descend into communal violence and are more likely than their fellow citizens to view violence as a justifiable course of action to counter ‘extremists’”.
And whose fault is that?
Who invited the problem in and who defends them despite the clear evidence that they hate us and abuse us?
Clue... It isn't the EDL.

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