Friday, March 29, 2013

Missing the point

Seems some of our MP's believe that a total ban on immigration 'should' be available to the government with regard to the EU. Which as an exercise in wishful thinking is a bit of a corker, you have to wonder if our MP's are really that stupid.
Britain should be able to block immigration from other EU countries during the current period of high unemployment, according to a group of influential MPs.
In an article for The Telegraph, the joint chairmen of the cross party group on balanced migration, Frank Field, a former Labour minister, and Nicholas Soames, a former Conservative minister, say that David Cameron must do more to tackle “the elephant in the room” by restricting European immigration.
The MPs, two of the most influential politicians in the immigration debate, suggest that draconian action should now be considered “during periods of high unemployment” — such as now — to protect low-skilled British workers struggling to compete with foreigners for jobs. One in five young British workers is currently unemployed, with about one million people aged 18 to 24 out of work. The MPs say that Britain is still facing an influx of people at an “unsustainable level” despite Coalition action to reduce immigration. They add that the expected wave of immigration from Bulgaria and Romania — which could lead to 50,000 people a year moving to this country from next year — means that the need to tackle the issue “could not be more stark.”
One wonders a just which bit of the supposed guarantee the free movement of people, (part of the EU's 'four freedoms - goods, capital, services, and people) they are struggling with. It does come to something when the EUsceptics actually know more about how the damned thing is supposed to work than the people who handed us over to the bloody thing in the first place.
And this is exactly what I said it was, an exercise in wishful thinking as the various treaties we have with the EU mean that we cannot block internal immigration, nor put extra tariffs on EU goods (minimum pricing) because 'gasp' it's against the rules!
The only way we can protect our borders and people from such immigration would be to leave the EU entirely.
Has this been suggested by the committee?
Hell no.
Just more bloody words and no deeds, typical politicians...

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