Saturday, March 30, 2013


I did have a bit of a snigger at an ex arch druid of Canterbury's attack on David Cameron accusing him of feeding the fear of Christian persecution. This being the same guy who sat silent when Labour invited in all those militant islamists who really have it in for Christians (and pretty much everyone else)
The former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has accused David Cameron of making Christians feel marginalised.
He said it was a "bit rich" for the prime minister to tell religious leaders to oppose secularisation.
This follows comments made by the PM at a pre-Easter Downing Street reception for faith leaders.
A Downing Street spokesman rejected the criticism, saying Mr Cameron valued "the profound contribution" Christianity had made to UK life.
But Lord Carey wrote in the Daily Mail that the government seemed to be "aiding and abetting" aggressive secularisation.
One wonders why he kept so silent when Labour allowed a foreign creed to establish deep roots in the UK. Why he didn't speak out against shariah courts and grooming of young girls by islamists. Nor why he didn't speak out against Labours clearly hostile stance towards Christians with their secular attacks on bed and breakfast owners who refuse to allow gays into their establishment, people who wore crosses and registrars who were sacked owing to their Christian beliefs.
No, as ever he goes for an easy target rather than the party really responsible for taking Christianity to the edge in the UK.
That's always been the problem for the C of E, it was once known as the Tory party at prayer, but lately a series of ambitious left wing arch Bishops has driven the church itself further into the wilderness as it mistook social justice for actual Christian ethics.
The C of E only has itself to blame for the position it finds itself in, they sat and said nothing whilst Labour pulled the rug from underneath them, mostly because the previous two Bishops were Labour supporters rather than actual Christians.
You reap what you sow and for all Cameron is supporting Gay marriage, he wasn't the one who started the persecution...

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Able said...

A question, if I may?

Where exactly do all these 'left wing' idiots come from? And why is it they always end up in charge?

I have a wide and diverse social and professional group of contacts, as well as a varied (by age/social status/education/etc.) group of acquaintances. And yet I have never heard a single person who could even be considered within an ideological mile of these people.

They've taken over education, social services, councils and .gov departments, NFPOs, .... the list is endless and has long included the CoE.

They are clearly a tiny minority and yet they hold the reins of power. If I was that way inclined I'd suspect a 'grand plan'.

Just wonderin'

(putting my alcofoil beanie back on)