Saturday, March 16, 2013


One of the most misleading words used by politicians and the MSM is the word 'could' as it's often used in a manner that many believe it to be 'will'
A criminal offence could be created to punish doctors and health chiefs who manipulate hospital statistics, it emerged last night.
Jeremy Hunt is expected to announce the measure as part of an effort to reform NHS management in the wake of the Mid Staffordshire scandal.
Last night the Health Secretary said: ‘This is about a transparent, honest and accountable NHS.
‘Patients and the public should be confident they can trust information about how hospitals are performing and a culture of honesty and accuracy will help those organisations drive up standard of care.
‘If NHS trusts are caught deliberately manipulating that information, whether waiting times or death rates, they need to be held to account.’If approved, the move will mean trusts could be fined millions and managers jailed if they are found to have falsified data on waiting times or death rates.
For one thing fining a trust just means that the cost of a fine has to be found from the funding they get, so services will suffer, not the people generally who are to blame, just those in the frontline.
As for jailing them, good idea in principle, but I think we all know that this is unlikely as those in the system tend to look after and cover up after their own. We may get the odd bureaucrat thrown to the wolves, but it's unlikely to be the chief executive. Nor is it likely to change the way the system is played where increasing the budget inevitably means keeping the bureaucracy well paid whilst cutting costs to cleaning, nursing, drugs etc... basically anything not to do with the system itself. To an executive or management a surgeon is a cost, they are 'essential' they are 'needed' they keep things running and everyone else simply costs far more than they are worth.
It's probably time to scrap the NHS and build something fit for purpose from the ground up. That it will never happen is because the people here are so deluded that they think it's a good thing and free.
Anyone who has had treatment elsewhere though knows just how bad the NHS is.

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It's not as bad as "should".