Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I`ll sthrceam and sthrceam till I`m thsick and I can too!

As intoned Violet Elizabeth Bott in the Just William novels when she couldn't get her own way. As do the so called health campaigners (aka killjoys) who believe that the UK government should ignore EU rules and voter preference on minimum alcohol pricing.
Health campaigners have reacted angrily to reports that plans for minimum pricing of alcohol in England and Wales may be dropped.
Splits within the Conservatives have also emerged, with ministers who are said to no longer back the plans accused of "political manoeuvring".
The government had planned to introduce a 45p charge per unit, but this is said to be facing strong cabinet opposition.
The Home Office said it was considering responses to its 10-week consultation.
Political reality getting in the way of those who believe we should do as we are told and shut up in the process of being reamed.
Labour said dropping the plans would be a "humiliating climbdown" and accused the government of "weak leadership".
Because Labour have never met a repressive intrusive measure they didn't like.
If it is dropped it's good news for the majority of us who do drink responsibly and don't cause problems. It's also a poke in the eye for the authoritarian bansturbationists who believe that what they believe is good for us needs to be enforced by law and cost. These generally are the people who can easily afford to pay the extra, rather than those who can't but enjoy an occasional drink anyway to take their minds off what the health campaigners are up too now.
Most of us just want to be left alone, we don't like being badgered and hectored by people who don't live as we do and don't have to put up with the shit we have too. We don't like the government interfering in our lives and if pushed too far will vote them out for anyone who will reverse the change. We are also very aware that the government funds a lot of these so called  health campaigners from public funds to tell the government what they want to hear so they can tax us on it. Same process goes on with the environmental lobby too.
They keep pushing and pushing then wonder why people become divorced from the political process, sooner or later they'll keep pushing and we'll push back, though I don't think we've reached that stage yet. I don't think it will be drink either, more likely immigration.
Politicians would be much more popular if they learned the art of doing nothing and leaving us the hell alone.

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Curmudgeon said...

Well, they haven't banned Schadenfreude yet :-)

What fun to see the discontent on their twisted little faces.