Thursday, March 14, 2013

The 'Jewish' conspiracy.

I'm sure we've all heard of the so called Jewish conspiracy so beloved of muslims and the left as well as the hard of thinking worldwide. Occasionally it's called Zionism, but at heart it's all about a group of people following a minor religion that somehow or other secretly controls the world. When I say 'secretly' I mean of course to everyone but muslims and the left as well as the hard of thinking worldwide. Apparently they run all the media, control all the worlds finances and they influence politicians as well as other powers that be. Oh don't be fooled by the lefts claims that somehow or other it's a right wing thing to hate Jews, it isn't, Nazism and fascism are not and never have been right wing creeds or politics.
Labour has suspended a peer who is alleged to have blamed a Jewish conspiracy for the imprisonment he received over a fatal motorway crash. The Times has reported that Lord Ahmed, a Labour life peer, claimed that he received his prison sentenced because of pressure on the courts from Jews “who own newspapers and TV channels". Lord Ahmed, who in 1998 became the first Muslim life peer, is said to have claimed that the conspiracy was a result of his support for the Palestinians in Gaza. He is said to have made the comments in a TV interview in April last year while on a visit to Pakistan. Labour today suspended the peer "pending an investigation". 
Remember this is the muslim peer who mowed down a man in a parked car after using his mobile phone to send or receive texts. Anyone else would probably have gotten more than 16 days, but such is the (imaginary) sense of victimisation and grievance felt by muslims everywhere Lord Ahmed has convinced himself that he somehow is at the centre of a plot to shut him up or get rid of him. This is despite the fact that he's doing a pretty good job of it all by himself.
Still, well done the Labour party for stepping in to suspend the idiot, something the Lib Dems could take tips over David Ward who is also convinced that somehow or other the Jews are responsible for all that ails the world.
Does it not strike anyone else as odd that 19 or so million Jews cause so much fantasy phobia in the minds of so many? After all, there are 1.5 billion muslims worldwide who are actually a bigger nuisance backed in many cases by some of the richest countries on Earth (the Arab oil states). When was the last time you heard of a Jew setting off a bomb on a train or bus, flying a plane into a tall building, murdering tourists at a disco? Oh sure I've heard all the fairy stories about Gaza, most of which prove entirely false when scrutinised and I laugh at the assertions of Israel being an apartheid state (I've been to South Africa, now that was real apartheid)
Still, it's what Goebbels called the big lie, keep it loud, keep it going and soon enough 'everyone' knows it's true.
That in a nutshell is the real 'Jewish conspiracy' the one where they are said to be the problem as opposed to being the victim.

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Fahrenheit211 said...

Labour may have suspended him but I have a feeling that Labour may let him back. Labour have chosen to be the party of the Islamic loon and I reckon he will come back when the party thinks this has been forgotten.