Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goosestepping into tyranny

The so called guardians of our society railroaded legislation through last night removing a key element to the justice system namely that of open trial.
Ignoring the utter scandal of the family courts which have been kidnapping children for a generation now, the authoritarian bastards in parliament appear to have taken that template as the basis for further removals of our liberties.
Plans for secret courts were railroaded through the House of Commons last night despite angry opposition from all sides.
The move to hear cases judged to involve national security behind closed doors saw ministers accused of sacrificing British values and traditions.
Senior Conservatives – including Treasury committee chairman Andrew Tyrie and former leadership contender David Davis – led protests in last night’s debate of the final stages of the Justice and Security Bill.
Cabinet veteran Kenneth Clarke admitted he did not know how many closed hearings would be ordered under the legislation he has championed.
Mr Tyrie warned the Government was undermining ‘legal safeguards which we’ve had for generations’, adding: ‘These amendments may look technical but they are really about the kind of society we want to live in.
‘They are about whether people can get to hear the case that has been made against them… and above all they are about what values we are seeking as a country to espouse and export.’
Mr Davis suggested at least 15 cases a year would be held in secret, warning: ‘We have to live up to standards of accountability. That means open justice.’
You can pretty much guess as to what might be considered national security, though as for hearing about any trials involving it, well the bastards have made sure that you never will know. it means you may not even appeal to the public for support as that would be contempt of court.
Judgement should be open to scrutiny, you may not like the way a case has been presented, you may believe an injustice has been done, but at least you'll know and can protest. Now in certain trials you never will, people may end up in prison and no one will know why outside a small group, even then they won't be able to appeal for further witnesses as that would be contempt too.
This bill should never have been passed and all credit to those who tried to stop it. as for the rest, well I do hope that you'll get yours one day you utter bastards. But rest assured it won't be in a secret trial, I'd want the world to know exactly what you were and what you did.

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