Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You're welcome to it...

Apparently the Scots are in love with the EU regarding it as some sort of paradise compared to what they consider to be English rule (not all Scots by any means) That there isn't really any English rule and the Scots have far more control over their country than the English do doesn't appear to matter to the person making this statement...
Scotland is a pro-European nation that rejects David Cameron’s referendum on wresting back powers from the EU, Nicola Sturgeon has told an audience in Brussels.
The Deputy First Minister said Scots are far less sceptical of Europe than the English and pledged that a separate Scotland would be “proud and constructive partners in the European family”.
She said the Prime Minister was “sleepwalking towards the exit” from Europe by promising an in-out EU referendum after he negotiates the repatriation of some powers back to the UK. Speaking to an audience that included representatives of countries like Andorra and Montenegro, but none of the major powers like Spain or Germany, she admitted for the first time Scotland's EU membership cannot be taken "for granted". But she faced accusations of departing from reality after claiming a separate Scotland could negotiate membership within only 16 months, while at the same time obtaining special treatment on the euro and the UK’s £3 billion rebate. Her statements on Scottish attitudes to the EU partly clashed with an opinion poll published earlier this month, which found 58 per cent of people backed the EU referendum planned for 2017 and 36 per cent are opposed.
Well that last bit seems to make the statement appear to be a bit of wishful thinking on Sturgeon's part, though in this she's actually toeing the SNP party line in that rule by England = bad, rule by Brussels = good. This is despite having their own parliament (which is more than the English have) as well as more control over what happens to their countrymen and women (ditto)
Frankly if the SNP want to go their own way most English would cheer them on, if they want to take our place in the EU we'd no doubt assist them in doing so. Problem is, most English cannot see them doing so, but we hope. Perhaps if the SNP had allowed the English a vote as to whether we wanted to keep Scotland, the referendum on independence might have been a foregone conclusion.
It does rather strike me that the SNP's narrative vis the English seems to be more a figment of their own imaginings, most of us have far more contempt of Westminster than they do seeing it as British rule of the English nation. Certainly the MP's elected there don't seem to go out of their way to look after the largest nation.
Still I suppose it's a case of the big lie theory. Keep pushing the English = bad and no doubt some will believe it, certainly the number of violent attacks on the English by Scots as well as casual bigotry by some would appear to indicate that hate is a stronger binding factor than persuasion.
Still it might be the ultimate act of revenge by the English on the Scots, pushing through their membership of the EU as we get out.

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Chef Files said...

" ...certainly the number of violent attacks on the English by Scots as well as casual bigotry by some would appear to indicate that hate is a stronger binding factor than persuasion"

Yep, don't forget to mention that we all have ginger hair, walk around in tartan skirts and munch through offal and turnips wrapped up in a sheep's stomach.

And you honestly wonder why you get attacked?

Quiet_Man said...

Have you ever considered the number of attacks on Scots in England for being Scottish?
You can count that number on the fingers of your nose.
Yet I can recount tales of a child attacked for wearing an England shirt, a woman attacked for having an English accent. Police reports on anti English bigotry easily googled etc.
Pretending it doesn't exist does you no favours at all nor does your use of a strawman argument on stereotypes.

pa_broon74 said...

Its not the SNP or Scots pushing this English = Bad agenda, its the press cheered on by unionists.

Not sure how you can conflate a survey that shows Scots are more keen on the EU than are the English into hatred by Scots for the English.

The biggest mistake you've made is to take a report in the telegraph on something to do with Scottish independence at face value.

Our beef is with Westminster, not the English people. No one from the SNP has ever said the problem lies with 'the English', they may have said London or Westminster rule but since the English have as big problem there as do folks in Scotland, I'd say that was a point we had in common.

In terms of the telegraph piece, what survey are they talking about its not sourced. Also as an example of press obfuscation, 16 months to negotiate things like EU membership was thought to be reasonable by Westminster's own legal experts. When the opposition advice is in agreement why is the telegraph still taking a contrary view?

For what its worth, I speak from a position of being unkeen on the EU, EFTA seems more reasonable at this point but realistically, why rock the boat during what is already going to be a big change?

Chef Files said...

Is that all your argument consists of? Rather flowery when you look at it again. In Newcastle alone during the month of January, 37 seperate incidents recorded where fellow Scots where hospitalised after being assaulted by locals. Dudley, Birmingham, January 17th, 11 members of a bowling team assaulted and thrown out of a bar for wearing the wrong colours and having the wrong accents. Thurrock Lakeside, February 11th, an 80 year old man had his jaw broken, his crime? Wearing a Glasgow Rangers scarf. His attacker, wearing an England scarf, told him to go back to his own country. Need I go on?

Let's be honest here, it's pointless you replying, you're never going to see sense wearing your bigot blinkers. I like rational arguments, but it is clear you are not able to provide rational thinking on a higher level. Best we go our seperate ways and in all honesty, stay out of Scotland, we have enough idiots.

Quiet_Man said...

Ah the last resort of the point and scream method of debate.
Simply accuse those you disagree with of being a bigot...
Funny how I cannot find any links to your tales, though there is an anti-Scottish sentiment page on wikipedia.
Attacks on the English are far more prevalent in Scotland, these are facts, deny them if you will or call it bigotry for merely pointing this out.
My point remains the same, the SNP will use anglophobia to try and justify its message in the forthcoming referenda, but most English don't give a damn, most of us would vote you out given the opportunity anyway.

Anonymous said...

The blood of This island is mixed and to say your a scot just because you were born there,when most of your ancesters were English or from any other part of Great Britian is wrong. You live in The United Kindom of Great Britian. Not the UK. Saying that there are only 2 countrys in Great Britian. England and Scotland. Wales Is not a country in its own right.