Thursday, February 28, 2013

Follow the money

For years now we've had global warming climate change global climate disruption rammed down our throats by the government in its attempts to get us to stump up for something we neither need nor want. The government and ministers with interests in energy scam renewable energy schemes have taken us to the cleaners to the point where so called energy poverty is a major factor in most peoples lives. They have driven many to the point in a cold winter of having to decide whether to stay warm or eat. people have died from hypothermia as the vulnerable in our society have been culled by various government ministers and their attempts to make themselves rich by using taxpayers money to subsidise companies and organisations they are on the board of or in the case of the boy Clegg, his Mrs.
Like all MPs, Tim Yeo is paid £65,000 a year. But he never has to make do with just that. Last year alone, three ‘green’ companies paid the Conservative MP for South Suffolk £135,970.
For this, he usually did just a few hours’ work a month. Yet he may be the firms’ most valuable asset, as Mr Yeo is chairman of the Commons Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change, and so plays a key role in shaping the green economy in which his sometime employers – AFC Energy, Eco City Vehicles and TMO Renewables – operate.
And he may be about to perform his most valuable service yet.
Mr Yeo has moved an extraordinary amendment to the Energy Bill that would set a crippling and binding target for the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by generating power in 2030. It would transform the electricity industry and bring huge benefits to the business sector, which has so generously rewarded Mr Yeo.
For the rest of us, however, the effects will be very different. It will cause already high energy bills to soar further and could lead to more power cuts. The effect on business is likely to be even more dramatic.
Yet despite the considerable drawbacks, the amendment is likely to be passed into law. Following intense campaigning by an alliance of dozens of green pressure groups and renewable-energy firms, the move has won the support of Labour, many backbench Liberal Democrats and some Tories, which may be enough to push it through Parliament.
‘Even without the amendment, the long-term consequences of the Bill will be horrible,’ said Professor Gordon Hughes of Edinburgh University, one of Britain’s leading experts on energy economics. He issued a strong warning the ‘surreal’ amendment could spell the end of British industry. ‘It’s a recipe for deindustrialisation,’ he said.
Yet I doubt Tim Yeo gives a flying fart as to whether there are no jobs left or that people will die because of his greed, he'll be alright living it up somewhere warm whilst this country goes down the tube, most of those involved in the scam will. The enviroloons won't mind either, their end game is a massive population die down and a return to a medieval economy where a rich elite lords it over an impoverished masses who struggle to survive, but at least it will be a green economy. Pity that Brazil, China and India won't play the game, but at least they can wreck this country as an example to others of allowing an idea with no basis in truth, sanity or reality to take root in the minds of an avaricious elite.
There is no global warming, there never was other than the feverish imaginations of enviroloons seeking funding and power. Well they found a good match with UK politicians who saw the fear factor as a way of making lots of money.
They even know the game is up, but are determined to milk us for a few more years. One day I hope we'll have them in our power, I have my doubts though, like rats, they always know when to leave the ship. The ones we'll get will be the fall guys and that will never be enough...

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