Friday, February 15, 2013

Squandering our money

We give far too much to the EU, we are after all one of the few who actually pay in more than we get out, so what do we do when we discover that the EU is giving our money away to countries not in the EU?
Well, seems we do nothing...
BRUSSELS bureaucrats have handed more than £100million to Turkey to build a high-speed rail link - in case the country joins the EU.
The staggering sum does not have to be paid back and there will be no return on the investment.
The cash is from a £12.1billion fund to support nations hoping to join the EU to which Britain contributes £120million a year.
News of the money for the rail link between Turkey's two biggest cities, Istanbul and Ankara, provoked outrage last night.
Tory MP Douglas Carswell labelled the EU's decision "bizarre".
He said: "Other countries that have given money to Turkey, such as China, expect a return on their capital.
"It is funny how a communist country understands the fundamental principal of capitalism while the EU elite are giving money to Turkey without looking for a return on their investment."
Except moan and continue to vote for political parties who are in love with that damned institution. If Turkey were to join the EU (something that I hope will only happen if we leave) the EU's current financial problems could be dwarfed and the internal immigration problems certain countries are experiencing could be come far, far worse. Yet no one in the EU or indeed it appears the UK government  appears to be able to heed the warning signs, perhaps they believe we'll welcome 70 million Turks in a similar way they appear to believe we'll welcome all those Romanians and Bulgarians? I suspect part of the problem is that the bureaucrats of the EU do not have to live next to the problems they create, a factor shared by many of the political classes in all of Europe. They have become divorced from reality and never see the consequances, it's always someone else who deals with the mess.
This is why they are so profligate with our cash, they haven't a clue where it comes from and how it affects us.
We should perhaps simply rise up and hang them all, before they bankrupt us.
Just a thought...

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dan said...

Carswell may well describe it as 'bizarre' ... but its not half as bizarre as him remaining within a party that is fully signed up to this waste, and much much more of it in the future.

Anonymous said...

Plus - The CONservative Party actually support Turkey's membership of the EU.

I guess the lunatics have really taken over, as suggested by WfW.

Anonymous said...

'They have become divorced from reality'

Not from their reality they haven't. The socialist reality of spending other people's money.

'... and never see the consequences'

They don't care about the consequences - they will be fully entrenched in sorting their next 'project'.

Dioclese said...

I suspect this is all part of the Greater Germania Fourth Reich master plan. If you can't subjugate them any other way then bride them into surrender using other peoples' money. Quite brilliant if you think about it!

Anonymous said...

The EU is trying to re create the Roman Empire hence all the talk about North Africa eventually being members of the EU.
sadly they dont see the danger of islam,something the Romans never had to deal with,(Well the Byzantines did but you get my point?)