Thursday, February 14, 2013

Own goals

Inflation is on the up though apparently (amazingly enough) much of it is the fault of our idiot politicians and their ever grasping nature.
Sir Mervyn King yesterday accused the Government of scoring an embarrassing ‘own goal’ by pushing up inflation through green taxes and tuition fees.
The Governor of the Bank of England warned that the unprecedented squeeze on living standards will last for a further three years as prices rise and wages stagnate.
But, in a coded attack on ministers, he said much of the pain was ‘self-inflicted’ because it stemmed from big increases in energy bills and tuition fees.
‘Whether it’s on financing education, green policies or other policies, what they have done is push up prices and that clearly makes our job in the short-run more difficult,’ Sir Mervyn said.
Yes in their ever increasing attempts to make kids pay for adult education in universities along with the ludicrous claims that green energy is somehow going to save the planet from CO2 and we should be honoured to empty our pockets into their coffers it does appear that Mervyn King actually knows what and why it's happening.
Not that I expect ministers to take any notice other than to trot out a few cliches such as hard times and the needs of the planet etc.
What Mervyn King didn't say (but I am) is that we're being ripped off by greedy uncontrolled government who have it in their power to rid us of these hidden taxes and can bring inflation down to boot.
The green energy scam has been going on far too long and is enriching those in government who support it in the energy ministry. huge ugly bird mincers dot our landscape whilst the ones at sea corrode and fail due to the fact that they cannot be efficiently maintained. This plus the subsidies used to make them economic come out of the green surcharge as in any normal world they simply would be a failure due to market forces.
In no sane world would a nation dependant on keeping the power going use wind power as it simply does not work generally when it's needed.
Coldest days of the year = generally no wind.
No, we're being robbed and they know it and we know it, problem is they don't care and we don't seem to vote them out...

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