Thursday, February 21, 2013


When the islamic community reaches a certain tipping balance, I suspect that abuses like this will become more commonplace, though again, once this happens, I doubt it will be reported as rioting and murder will no doubt ensue if any sort of criticism is levelled at the barbarians in our midst.
Mail. (Usual caveats)
An Indian domestic worker was repeatedly raped and beaten by her employers who threatened to murder her if she complained, a court heard.
The 39-year-old vulnerable and illiterate mother-of-four was used as a 'sexual toy' and 'general dogsbody' by an extended family and their friend who forced her to become their slave for a total of six years.
She was scalded with boiling water, burned with a hot iron, beaten and threatened her throat would be cut and her body buried in a back garden if she didn't do as she was told, a jury were told today.
Despite the woman approaching numerous agencies for help, Croydon Crown Court heard how the abuse continued.
The court heard how the woman initially went to live with Aleemuddin Mohammed, 44, a supermarket manager, and his wife Shamina Yousuf, 42, after they successfully applied for the woman's visa.
Both are accused of assaulting the woman and paying her just £24 during the two years and eight months she worked for them.
The woman was then allegedly forced to moved in with Mohammed's mother, 56-year-old shop worker Shanaz Begum, and her partner, butcher Enkarta Balapovi, 53, who is accused of raping her.
After escaping the couple, she was then sent to live with an acquaintance of the family, optician Shashi Obhrai, 53, from Northwood, who is accused of assaulting her.
Prosecutor Miss Caroline Haughey said: 'Each of these defendants treated her with contempt, ignoring her basic rights and taking advantage of her naivety, her vulnerability and her ignorance.
Oh I'm sure that many will claim that this wasn't because of the religion or that it is rare and unusual, though when such cases do come to light it's usually an islamic involved.That's because slavery is the natural default state of the islamic mind for anyone not a muslim, even then some muslims if they are from different countries or tribes come under such a state, islam being top heavy from the Arabian peninsular perspective where a Saudi muslim trumps any other.
The state of dhimmitude as far as muslims are concerned is where the likes of non muslims belong, tolerated at best, there to be used and abused at worst and all justified by the abomination that is the quran. Women dhimmi's are of course the lowest of the low and simply there to be used by muslim uber-menschen which is why we have the current grooming scandal in the UK as the men perpetratng the outrage saw (and probably still do not see) nothing wrong in what they did, these young girls were theirs to do with as they wished, they weren't 'human' they were dhimmi's. Not so long ago there was a spate of kidnapping of young girls in Egypt, oddly enough they were all the daughters of coptic Christians, there was a cursory police investigation, but apparently they were all 'married off' to muslims and forced to convert so that was ok.
This is the type of mindset we have to deal with, a cancerous group think justified by a fascistic command and control handbook on controlling every aspect of their lives including how to treat the unter-menschen around them. That it makes no sense at times and has no place in the modern world makes no difference, it's from their supposed god so that makes it something to be done, besides it allows them to justify barbarism in the name of their religion.
There can be no place for islam in a modern society, the odd muslim perhaps, but not communities of them, in that way lies cultural suicide.

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James Higham said...

Difficult to add to that - you've written it.

Anonymous said...

I see there is ANOTHER ongoing trial of 'asians' for grooming, rape and backstreet abortion.