Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And whose fault is that?

Here we go, the UK 'must' be prepared to face a massive hike in energy prices because we're about to run out of power in the next couple of years. I mean you have to aske yourself just why we're running out and why all those nice shiny and expensive toys the government and enviroloons have been conning us into sticking up all over the place aren't going to make up the shortfall. After all, wind and solar are free once you get past the initial setup costs and the environmental disaster that is the huge concrete block a bird mincer stands on. After all weren't we promised by the now sacked and arch criminal Huhne that in the long run power would get cheaper etc...
Households must prepare for a sharp rise in energy bills within two years as Britain comes “dangerously” close to power shortages, the chief executive of Ofgem has warned.
The country would become more reliant on foreign gas to generate electricity as European Union pollution laws meant the dirtiest coal-fired stations had to shut, said Alistair Buchanan, the regulator’s outgoing head.
He pointed out that gas was already 60 per cent more expensive in countries such as Japan that relied on imports. It was impossible to predict how high bills could go for British households, he said. Ministers admitted that Britain faced a “looming energy gap” but blamed the previous government for agreeing to shut coal plants too quickly. Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, admitted that consumers could feel a “pinch” starting within two years. The Government was fighting to “keep the lights on”, he insisted. Mr Buchanan warned that the “near-crisis” would occur between 2015 and 2018, pushing up bills. Blackouts were “not likely” but there would be a “double squeeze” on energy prices.
So, the blame game starts, though admittedly in this case pointing the finger at the previous government is quite easy, they did start the green cash cow rollng by insisting on closing down coal fired (cheap reliable) power stations and filling their pockets full of taxpayers cash by building and subsidising useless solar and windpower schemes.
In the end though it always comes down to the taxpayer getting it in the neck as we pay the price for politicians putting greed and dogma ahead of common sense and an incredible lack of foresight. The fact that it's EU laws driving the lunacy is also a factor, though such laws don't apparently seem to be bothering the Germans as they build a massive series of coal fired plants to back up their birdmincers.
Still a solution has been found...
Mr Buchanan warned that it was very important for the Government to persuade people to use less energy.
A masterful solution is it not? Why do I suspect though that when it comes to people, Mr Buchanan means you and I and not the government or the powers that be?
I suspect when we're all sitting in our houses freezing in the dark in a few years time as we don't dare use the heating or electricity too much that our MP's will still be cosy and warm and telling us that 'we're' all in this together...

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English Pensioner said...

The fact that a crisis is looming has been known in the industry for years, and there have been several "near-misses" from major blackouts when the available plant was fully utilised.
Hopes of reducing electricity consumption were never a realistic policy, we have more electrical equipment in the home than ever before, and I doubt if my so-called energy saving lights will offset the power used by our computers and additional domestic appliances. And that is before we discuss immigration and the extra demand of the ever increasing population.
Anyone who thinks that windmills and solar panels will save the day should look out of the window today, frost on the ground, no wind and cloud cover, and at the same time high electricity demand.

johnd2008 said...

And apparently we are sitting on trillions of cubic metres of gas that could be got out of the ground under Lancashire.

JimS said...

On the day this was announced the government also said it would provide a 75% subsidy for home charging points for the wonderful electric car. I raised this with my MP, the response:

"The Government is very conscious of the dangers of a fall in production. The Energy Bill currently passing through Parliament is designed to ensure that we continue to produce enough energy to meet demand at the same time as reducing CO2 emissions by introducing a mixture of renewables, nuclear power, and carbon capture and storage.

It is estimated that the Bill will generate £110bn of investment in energy infrastructure to meet future demand."

I'm glad all this will be in place by April, I only hope the airstrips are ready for the pigs too!