Sunday, January 6, 2013

The legacy of allowing enviroloons to formulate policy

It's not been too cold a winter so far down in Kent where I reside, though I do know it has been colder and wetter elsewhere. Still, the complaints are coming thick and fast about energy prices and the controversial claim that many people are turning off their heating in order to be able to afford food. Using such methods as duvet's and hot water bottles through the day (and night) because the government with its carbon capture tax and green energy supplement to our heating bills has driven many families and people into what's called fuel poverty.
Mail. (usual caveats)
Soaring energy bills are forcing one in four mothers to turn off their heating in the depths of winter in order to afford food for their children.
Fuel poverty is resulting in thousands of families resorting to wearing extra clothes and using blankets in their homes.
More than half of families turn off the heating in their houses when the children are out, while 45 per cent of adults keep warm using blankets or duvets during the day, according to a survey.
Fuel bills have already soared by eight per cent this winter, but costs are expected to rise further in coming months.
Experts have warned that the number of households suffering fuel poverty, whereby heating bills account for more than a tenth of a family's income, will double to nine million by 2016.
A shocking 23 per cent of families are already having to choosing between buying food or using heating, according to a survey by the Energy Bill Revolution campaign.
A fifth of respondents said that their children were ill more regularly as a result of colder homes.
And it hasn't really gotten that cold yet.Yet a lot of his is due to the government pushing useless green policies and subsidies for expensive (not so) green power generation as well as a carbon capture tax and policies that would bankrupt this nation leaving it an unindustrialised wasteland. What we are seeing is the direct result of allowing enviroloonies to set policy whilst various unscrupulous ministers have used these policies to feather their own nests (yes Yeo and Gummer, we're looking at you) Couple this with allowing a Lib Dem in charge of the environment and energy Dept (Ed Davey) and we have the potential for a national disaster on our hands with the very vulnerable in society being at risk, because of the insistence on 'green' solutions despite sitting on a cheap energy source by the way of shale gas extraction which despite some ludicrous claims by certain energy ministers with their fingers in the wind farm pot will as it has in the USA reduce our bills and keep us safe from foreign supply.
No, the reason we have high power bills can be laid directly at the greed of the government and the ignorance of some (if not all) MP's. People are going to die because of this, you mark my words.

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Jonty said...

Yes and to think that if the UK produced no more carbon dioxide it will only reduce the global carbon dioxide emissions by 2%.
Meaning that the remaining 98% is out of our control.
we pay a very heavy price for UK output!

Anonymous said...

The population isnt hurting enough yet to force it to open its eyes to the damage environmental green bullshit is doing to the economy.
When that day comes, we'll see change...

Highland Cooncil said...

I have turned OFF the Leccky and Food
just so I can have my 60 ciggs a day.

Anonymous said...

"People are going to die because of this, you mark my words." But isnt that all part of the plan ? We have a huge looming demographic disaster in this country with an ageing population. There is no money in the pot to pay the pensions and benefits these people were promised, the NHS cant cope with their healthcare requirements, hence the 'Liverpool Care Pathway' plan. Only one option - kill them off in their tens of thousands.

Anonymous said...

They already are, just check out the excess winter deaths stats.