Monday, December 3, 2012

Press regulation

Everyone over a certain age remembers Pravda the old Soviet state newspaper fondly remembered for what it didn't print ever, mostly criticism of socialist policies and politicians whilst telling everyone that things were great when to the ordinary man and woman in the street they obviously weren't. It was a classic example of state control of the media, something the left appear to love.
Something the left would love to implement today in the UK...
Labour was last night accused of attempting to hijack a petition calling for new laws to shackle the Press.
The petition, launched by the father of Madeleine McCann last week, urges the three party leaders to implement every word of Lord Justice Leveson’s 2,000-page report on press standards.
Set up by the Hacked Off protest group, it has been widely portrayed as non-partisan campaign.
Hacked Off has never been non partisan, it's a protest group, that implies partisanship, particularly when they wish to control the press.
Labour leader Ed Miliband yesterday urged his 177,000 Twitter followers to sign the petition.
Mr Watson has been authorised to use Labour’s databases to email all party members telling them to back the petition.
In an extraordinary message, he told them to persuade family and friends to sign up as well, in the hope of forcing the Prime Minister to reverse his ‘betrayal’.
I don't like Cameron, never have, never will, however he did state clearly that he has grave reservation about using the law to enforce press regulation as (I believe) he at least understands what might happen if some political party gets into power (yes Labour we're looking at you) and proceeds to shackle the press to prevent 'bad news' from being published. After all we have the prime example of the Regulation of investigatory powers act (RIPA) which strayed so far from its original intent to monitor terrorism that it ended up being used to check on what people were putting in their dustbins and yes we have Labour to thank for that too.
Labour are clearly hoping to prevent any sort of criticism being levelled at their party for its ridiculous economic policies and awful social engineering, along no doubt multiculturalism and political correctness.
What they want is press censorship, not just of the MSM but even humble bloggers too.
It's what the left do, just remember Pravda every time Leveson is mentioned by someone supporting it.

2 annotations:

Woodsy42 said...

And the Nightingale story was apparently published in defiance of a D notice from the MOD. We can be sure a regulator would have effectively blocked publication.

James Higham said...

Well, at least there's much scrutiny of this grab for the press and will continue to be - it's one thing we can actually rely on the press for.