Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Other peoples stuff

Once again our 'beloved' Coagulation are insisting that people who own something and charge for its use should give it up to those who don't pay for it. After all, what else can you think of this little scam...
Private schools should not be expected to open up their facilities to pupils from local state schools, a leading headmistress said yesterday.
Louise Robinson, president of the Girls’ Schools Association, said it was ‘beyond the pale’ for the Government to insist that private schools share their ‘unique selling points’, such as facilities and resources, with the ‘competition’.
She said that middle class parents who manage to find the money for private school fees should not be expected to bankroll state pupils who want to use the same resources.
Her comments are likely to spark fierce debate among private school heads, many of whom justify their schools’ ‘charitable’ status by stressing the ways in which they share facilities with local state schools and the community.
Shared facilities is fine, these are already agreed between the private and public sector, however to insist that something which is not part of the deal becomes part of it well that sounds like the government at work. The unique selling points however are not the bits which the private schools share, otherwise they wouldn't be unique now would they? Nor under any stretch of the imagination (save perhaps to a socialist) would a public school be regarded as a charity in order to reap the benefit from those who are paying out for unique selling points.
Perhaps the government ought to be looking at ways to actually improve the public schools rather than leech off the private sector?

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The Travelling Toper said...

Using the expression of 'beyond the pale' will doubtless cause our politicians much confusion.