Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just words, never deeds

A lot of hot air is spouted by politicians on various issues, though it's often quite enlightening to compare what they say to what they do. Expenses, taxation, morality, the EU what is said is often just hot air as what is done is very much the opposite...
The chances of Britain leaving the EU rose dramatically last night after it emerged that one of David Cameron’s closest Cabinet allies believes it is time to tell Brussels bluntly: ‘We are ready to quit.’
Education Secretary Michael Gove has told friends that, if there was a referendum today on whether the UK should cut its ties with Brussels, he would vote to leave.
He wants Britain to give other EU nations an ultimatum: ‘Give us back our sovereignty or we will walk out.’
Mr Gove insists the UK could thrive as a free trading nation on its own, like other non-EU nations in Europe such as Norway and Switzerland. He has changed his view partly as a result of his fury at Brussels meddling which has held up his school reforms.
Mr Gove, one of the Prime Minister’s closest confidants, has discussed his views in detail with Mr Cameron. In an anti-EU pincer movement by the two Tory allies, Mr Cameron will formally announce later this month the first major step towards grabbing back powers from Brussels.
He will set out in detail how he plans to withdraw Britain from EU justice ties, but he will then ‘cherry pick’ which aspects of Anglo-EU legal co-operation he believes are in British interests.
These could include the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), access to police databases, prisoner transfers and co-operation over drugs trafficking and money laundering.
Why the Mail thinks that the EAW is in British interests is beyond me, it is simply a means of extracting citizens from this country to face charges abroad without the safeguard of a body of proof that had to be presented to a British court.
Still, the words from Gove sound good, but we've heard it all before from other ministers and what the words say are rarely if ever backed up by actions. Yes we could thrive as an independent trading nation, yes it would be good to have control of our own borders policy on immigration and benefits, yes it would be good to remove the Human Rights Act from the statute books and tailor an act more suitable to our needs and less to those of a criminal bent.
That said, such a decision is not in Gove's hands, it's in Cameron's and the man is clearly in love with the EU hence his attempts to make sure that we never ever get a say on it, save in only the most restricted way and mostly because he sees it as a vote winner, though you can be sure we'll never be asked what we really want, simply more or less of the same.
What I suspect is that Gove is being held up as a sop to the EUsceptics in the Tory Party to keep them onboard and way from UKIP's clutches. In a look at him, he dislikes the EU and has the ear of the Prime Minister sort of way.
So what we'll get are a load of words and precious little (if any) action on setting the country up to leave. It would be pleasant to think we could just say sorry, bye bye and there be no consequences, but sadly there will, an orderly withdrawal is in ours and the EU's interests. Agreements on trade, certain legalities and ventures will be in our best interests, rather than suddenly having to try and negotiate them from scratch. Remember the EU is a trade cartel, they'll be able to trade with us, but will be able to restrict our trade with them. It's not insurmountable, it will just require time and negotiations.
I've yet to even see or hear of a plan for leaving, perhaps Gove's energies would be better spent drawing one up, rather than simply spouting hot air...

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Durotrigan said...

Gove's utterances are just a means of giving the Tories an anti-EU gloss, sowing in the minds of some voters the idea that the Conservative Party would genuinely entertain the idea of holding a referendum over EU membership. It is nonsense of course, and Gove, like his colleagues in the cabinet, will be well aware of this fact and of the role that he is playing in the management of public opinion.

Barman said...

I presume his lips were moving...?

John M said...

It's all just blah, blah, blah. A little something to life people's hopes around the time of conference; something to make us believe that perhaps for once the wankers in Westminster might actually be listening to the people for a change.

But alas this boy has cried wolf too many times before. Not only this little boy but the one across the road who wears the red tie too.

For all the talk of repatriating powers and referendum locks that's all it is - it's just talk. No prospect of delivery ever - just weasel words to get your attention and your support.

These bastards are all up to thier hips in EU money and favours and backroom deals. There is no chance that they will actually consult the people. Ever.

What would be truly shocking would be some actually delivery on all these meaningless promises.

Andy said...

I have been a lifelong tory voter but unless the Tories give us an in-out referendum on the EU before the next election then I`m voting UKIP and I suspect I`m not the only one.
I am so sick of the endless stream of broken promises,the spineless grovelling,and the outright lies,starting with the traitor Heath in 1975 and countless others since then.