Monday, October 15, 2012

Allies like this we don't need

You have to wonder just what kind of mentality inhabits the Foreign Office that considers a place like Saudi Arabia as a friend and ally. I suspect it stems from the days of Lawrence of Arabia, or perhaps merely watching the film too many times. Then again perhaps they employ far too many anti-Semites or Muslims for their own good.
Saudi Arabia says it is "insulted" by a parliamentary inquiry into how the UK deals with the country and Bahrain.
Saudi officials have told the BBC they are now "re-evaluating their country's historic relations with Britain" and that "all options will be looked at".
While they stopped short of cancelling ongoing trade deals, the move reflects growing Saudi resentment at the West's reaction to the Arab Spring.
The Foreign Office said Saudi Arabia remained a close friend and an ally.
The Sunni-majority kingdom suspects the hand of Iran behind much of the unrest in its own Shia population and that of Bahrain.
I suspect that Iran is behind a whole host of middle east problems, however they aren't the only ones. Saudi Arabia is perhaps the main financier of Jihad against... Well against anyone not Muslim in the world. At the moment it is they (or citizens thereof) who finance what is known as Al Quaeda and were at root behind the madrassa's and extremist propaganda being filtered into the mosques in various non Islamic countries. Indeed the Channel 4 programme 'Undercover Mosque' which highlighted various abuses and extremist philosophies being promoted by Muslims also pointed out that the leaflets and media being used were promoted by Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia and its salafist tendencies are no friends to civilisation, they certainly should not be treat as a close friend and an ally, more like a rabid wolf needing to be kept at bay until it collapses of its own extremism.
The Foreign Office needs to be brought sharply to heel by the government as it appears to have gone way off the reservation in regard to Islamic states as well as the EU.
However considering our politicians appeasement of Islamic barbarism within our own country, this seems highly unlikely.

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Farenheit211 said...

Not for nothing has the British FCO been referred to as 'the Camel Corps'

Andy said...

When the 2004 tsunami hit Indonesia the Saudi govt ordered that aid money given to Indonesia to fund mosques and madrassas could not be spent on aid to the victims,if it was then they(the Saudi`s) would demand full repayment of the money.
Its well past time that the West developed a cheap synthetic fuel so we can tell the Middle East to shove its oil up its fucking arse.