Sunday, October 7, 2012


Why can politicians of the left never grasp the obvious? Is it some form of cognitive disfunction or some macabre plot to keep the rest of us off balance whilst they go about making wrecking the world in their own image?
Salford and Eccles MP Hazel Blears has called for a gun amnesty following a spate of shootings in Salford.
Ms Blears attended a meeting with residents and senior police officers at The Height Methodist Church in Irlams o' th' Height on Friday.
She said she backed a resident's suggestion for a gun amnesty in which residents are given the chance to hand in illegal firearms at police stations.
Why the residents seem to feel that criminals might hand in their illegal weapons is beyond me, only the law abiding are likely to hand in great granddads old WW2 revolver (sans ammo). There are several reasons these gangs are armed from the poseur point of view to the fact that all the other gangs are armed too. I know this, the police know this and any call to hand in illegal weapons is only going to take such weapons away from the law abiding which has been government policy for decades now.
What really needs to be done is for the police to have the resources to take on and take down these gangs, perhaps we could persuade the SAS to have a go, after all they're the prime reason the IRA are now part of the peace process, not the politicians. Kill enough of them and the problem will go away.
Not that I expect such a simplistic policy ever to be adopted by the government. They are far too happy with ordinary people being scared of those who have guns, both the criminals and the government...

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jaded said...

Hazel Blears-a complete joke of a politician.Unable to function in the real world.

Andy said...

"Unable to function in the real world"
That could be said of almost all of the wastemonster rabble.