Monday, October 8, 2012

A crime surely to let him stay

You'd think under pretty much any circumstances anyone who is being accused of crimes against humanity wouldn't stand a chance of applying the Human Rights Act to stay in this country. Then again, what am I saying, we've run across any number of cases where mass murderers have been allowed to stay here...
An African war criminal who joined in the slaughter of civilians has been allowed to stay in Britain under human rights law – because he admitted his crimes in a BBC interview.
The man was a fighter in the Janjaweed militia which killed an estimated 300,000 people during the war in Darfur, but he came to Britain after hearing it was ‘a good place to claim asylum’.
An immigration tribunal found he was guilty of crimes against humanity after he gave media interviews in which he described joining in the burning and looting of 30 villages and shooting countless victims.
But a judge has ruled that the 27-year-old must be allowed to stay in Britain because his life could be at risk if he returned to his home country.
Quite frankly I don't give a damn if his life will be in danger, the man's an Islamoloon and a member of the Janjaweed militia responsible for the murder and enslavement of thousands of Darfurians in the Sudan. Frankly this man is not fit to be walking the streets of a civilised nation, he should not have been allowed in and he should not have under any circumstances been given asylum.
For far too long criminals have been sheltering under the HRA aided and abetted by our legal system, whilst it's comforting to know that rights exist, such rights should only apply to those who are not criminals fleeing retribution elsewhere. There is no place in the UK for this man, he is scum of the lowest order and a liability to the rest of us because as an extreme Islamist he sees us as untermenschen to be converted, enslaved or killed in the name of his abomination of a god.
It's bad enough having invited in child molesters from Pakistan, now we're expected to take in mass murderers from the Sudan as well.
The powers that be are truly sowing the seeds of this nations destruction, drip by drip...

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Farenheit211 said...

The Janaweed were appalling violent psychopaths. What on earth are we letting someone like that into the country for anyway. The problem for me is there are genuine refugees in my family and letting in murderous low life scum like this just drains the well of welcome for those who really ARE fleeing for their lives.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, another waste of space and air free to roam our once green and pleasant land.

Now i wonder where our new best mate will be living...Richmond by the River, the walled exclusive estates of Woking, Southwold?

No he'll be living bloody miles away from the idiots who are responsible for the crap we have to put up with.

I wonder if they would be so freely admitted if the bastards responsible for such lunacy had to live close to them.


Dr Cromarty said...

Surely the leftoids will want him to face the International Criminal Court. They just LOVE those. Internationalist institutions dont they? No? Is it coz 'e is black?

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Another candidate for landfill or compost! We are not the final 'resting place' for all of the Worlds criminals and kiddie fiddlers. When will this useless fucking government(s) wake up and smell the coffee?

What is the cunt going to do with his time? There's not much call for religiously-inspired machete-wielding Jigaboo nutters - we already have enough willing volunteers in all the Muslim slums we have allowed to fester....

Laurie -

Farenheit211 said...

StourbridgeRantBoy, we in the UK used to be known as the place to go if you were fleeing religious oppression, now sadly we seem to be allowing in and pandering to, those who commit religious oppression.

Allowing in people like this is akin to allowing someone like Julius Streicher to come here in 45 to avoid the Nuremberg noose.

Dioclese said...

Time to repeal the human rights nonsense and to appoint some judges who actually have a modicum of common sense,

Perhaps we should deport the judge?