Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Never mind the crimes involved...

It really does come to something when a fear of being prosecuted for a breach of human rights trumps a case of sexual assault or the downloading of child pornography. Yet that's the kind of society we live in, the medical profession won't even strike off doctors prosecuted for such offences as it might breach their human rights...
Dozens of doctors have kept their jobs despite being convicted of serious sex offences.
Medical chiefs claim they cannot ban all sex offenders from working because it might breach their human rights.
At least 31 male GPs, consultants and surgeons are practising even after having assaulted women, been in possession of child pornography or solicited prostitutes.
None of their patients have been informed.
Some of those with child pornography offences are even believed to be free to treat children.
Patients’ groups and MPs say people would be horrified to learn a sex offending doctor had examined them.
Now soliciting with prostitutes to my mind shouldn't be a crime, though there is an increased health risk to the patients via std's  so it's not exactly good practice.
Problem is to a certain extent that the medical profession is a closed shop at the level of doctors and physicians, you have to have done something really bad to get thrown out of the 'old boys' (or girls) network and frankly our laymans isea of bad doesn't exactly mesh with theirs.
Still human rights for crimes committed does appear to be a new one for them, though sadly it's not a new one for us. You'd think though that at least the medical profession would have higher standards, though again having heard a few cases of abuse by them I realise I probably shouldn't.
Criminal misconduct shouldn't necessarily mean that you lose your job of course, particularly if its committed outside of work and doesn't have a custodial sentence as a result. But when dealing with the public different rules apply and I'm pretty sure no parent wants a doctor who downloads child sex stories as a hobby wants them treating their kids. Yes it might be safe, but would you want to take the risk?
I'm pretty much sick to the back teeth of the excuse of human rights being used to excuse action on criminals, too many times they forget that we the law abiding have rights too and ours should trump theirs always.
Sadly that's not the society we have though...

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Uncle Nick said...

"though there is an increased health risk to the patients via std's"

STDs being *sexually trasmitted* diseases, doctors are having sex with their patients?

Hmm, I think I might need to shop around my local doctors then - mine's a bit rugged for my tastes ;)

Quiet_Man said...

Unfortunately some std's aren't just transmittable by sex, but by touch and fluid transfer (blood and blood clots)