Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Why can't the Lib Dems grasp the very obvious point that avoiding paying tax is not an illegal activity, it's almost a civic duty? Yet still they come out with measures to penalise people and companies who are not breaking any laws whatsoever...
TAX dodging firms will be banned from winning Government contracts under a crackdown unveiled yesterday.
In a speech to the Lib Dem conference in Brighton, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, said: “If you want to work for us, you should play by our rules.
“There is nothing that prevents firms that don’t play by the rules from winning Government contracts. That is not right. And I am determined that it comes to an end. Taxpayers’ money should not be funding tax dodgers.”
He said Treasury officials were drawing up new rules to prevent companies using loopholes and off-shore investments to avoid paying tax while providing services to the Government.
“In this country, we tax work, effort and income too highly and unearned wealth far too little,” he added.
I wonder if Danny Alexander considers the £100,000 he ripped off from the taxpayer via the Westminster expenses home flipping scam to be unearned wealth? I rather doubt it, these rules and regulations are usually aimed at anyone but politicians.
I suspect that the first time that any government tries to block a contract going to a company who hasn't broken any laws (save only those in the imagination of politicians) that law suits will fly and the taxpayer will be stiffed for the bill due to the governments blatantly illegal stance.
I also rather suspect that the governments idea of unearned wealth isn't the same as your average taxpayer either, after all those who simply have money to spare is not my definition of unearned. Flipping a second home to pick up additional expenses is, putting in false expenses claims is, using your position as a politician to pick up non executive directorships of companies is too, free holidays disguised as fact finding missions is as well. All stuff politicians do to supplement their already too generous income, yet they target those whom they believe are hoarding wealth.
Truly the Lib Dem's are unfit to be allowed anywhere near the levers of power in this country...

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Farenheit211 said...

Does this proposal mean that the Government will no longer advertise in the Guardian? After all they have long been alleged to be a 'tax dodging firm'.

Humph said...

This stupid ginger rodent is really starting to make my piss boil. The cunt only got his job because the tonsil-tickling trougher Laws was canned (another goat felcher who seems to have been all too easily forgiven for his criminal activity).

I think it must be starting to become clear to even the thickest dullards that we must not have any more Scottish politicians in our Parliament. I have nothing against Scots per se, indeed I am half Scottish myself, but the ones who get any semblance of power in Whitehall just fuck everything up.

So I've had a quick look at this fucker. Early career, press officer with Scottish LDs. Then 8 years as 'Director of Comms' at the 'European Movement, an independent pressure group in the United Kingdom which campaigns in support of greater European integration'. Great. Bear in mind he started this job in 1996 when he must have been the ripe old age of 24. How can anyone be a director of fucking anything at that age??

Thereafter various bullshit roles politicking his way to where he is now.

Oh yes, and PPE at Oxford.

So, someone who can pass exams and has not the slightest fucking clue about real life, and who has only ever been paid for by you and me. These people are the inveterate benefit scroungers of politics. These people make me fucking sick.

Why was he not jailed for avoiding CGT and making ludicrous claims for his wife's travel anyway? And why do people like him and his insidious little boss hate success so much? I presume they think they are latching onto the current zeitgeist where everyone loathes anyone who has money. The small percentage of people who have been bothered to get off their fat arses and create a successful business or make money in some other perfectly legal way, are now, in some way, morally acceptable targets?

I know, I know. Empty rhetoric spouted at party conference means less than nothing, significantly less. And they are only coming out with such shit cos they know they are going to be wiped off the face of the planet at the next election.

However, I quite envy Spain at the moment. If there was a riot for people who were just fucking angry and who had just fucking had enough of arseholes like this, I'd be at the front of the queue.

It is no coincidence he is nicknamed after one of the muppets. It's funny, I went to school with a Limp Dumb MP, he was a total twat as well.

Anonymous said...

Humph - ***claps*** I agree and thanks for the laugh.