Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Now it's tea...

Cigarettes, alcohol, fatty food, tea, all will kill you if you don't cut back. Yes, drink over 7 cups of tea a day and you increase your chances of prostate cancer by 50%.
Men who drink lots of tea are far more likely to develop prostate cancer, researchers have warned.
They found that those who drank seven or more cups a day had a 50 per cent higher risk of contracting the disease than men who had three or fewer.
The warning comes after scientists at the University of Glasgow tracked the health of more than 6,000 men for four decades.
This comes on top of Cholesterol damages your brain (BBC) Lack of sleep giving you a stroke (Express) and marathon running can scar your heart (Telegraph)
It doesn't seem to matter what you do, how you live your life there's something out there is going to get you. What's worse is that the health fanatics out there are determined to force us into living life on their terms, not ours.
What should be a matter of lifestyle choice is now fraught with authoritarianism. Smoke or drink too much or even overweight and there's a chance that medical staff will turn around and throw you off the waiting list for an operation. Doesn't matter if you're otherwise healthy, work and pay into the system, if you're doing something they don't like, then there's a chance they'll prevent you from getting treatment unless you stop eating/drinking/smoking.
How did we ever let these people get into positions of power over us? The sheer inhumanity of their decisions at times is staggering. It really is none of their business how we live our lives, so long as we aren't breaking any laws, rather than their petty rules.
Yes I know it's supposed to be about saving the NHS money, but I could do that quite easily by simply removing whole swathes of middle management and letting doctors and nurses sort things out for themselves. Not sure how well that would work, but getting rid of the policy makers who try to prevent people getting help certainly couldn't hurt.
I really think there needs to be a comprehensive look at just how we do 'health' in the UK, both in financing and delivery. To far too many people the NHS is a sacred cow, yet it's obvious that there are better ways to deliver health. We just need to pick the way that works best for us, not necessarily the most efficient, simply the best.

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StourbridgeRantBoy said...

You would have thought that there would be a lot more to worry about in the diets of 6,000 Scottish males than Tea?

Laurie -

Anonymous said...

Young men
pull girls and have active sex life
drink beer and high caffeine 'soft drinks'
wear trainers

old men
can't pull girls and don't have an active sex life
drink tea and eat biscuits
wear carpet slippers

old men get more prostate trouble then young men

Therefore as a result of this scientific study we can categorically state that wearing carpet slippers gives you prostate cancer QED

Rob F said...

I like green tea, but without milk. I let it cool down and then go running the next morning with a 5000ml bottle of the stuff as a substitute for water.

The quacks will tell me that it'll increase my endurance, while rival quacks will tell me that I'll grow a second penis, or something.

I ignore them all and do what I want; I won't be running tomorrow because I'll be hungover, but on Monday I'll probably run with my green tea supply, followed by a Pepsi Max and a bacon toastie.

Shit, I have to die of something....

Rob F said...

Sorry, I meant '500ml bottle'. I'm not on a secret training course for the SAS!

Lyn said...

As a colleague of mine told his doctor, we all die of the same thing - lack of breath!

I'd far rather die younger having enjoyed life than live to 100 denying myself anything that was pleasurable, according the the health police!

As for getting rid of the morons in the NHS, I'm all for it. Why should they be paid more than nursing staff when they wouldn't know what to do with a bandaid if they got a papercut on their little pinky? At times there are even more of these idiots in charge of a ward than there are nursing staff. Ridiculous and a total waste of money. Bring back the old fashioned Matron - that would sort a whole lot out, including, no doubt, hospital super bugs!