Monday, June 18, 2012

I shouldn't lose any sleep over this...

In general I like scientists, not climate pseudo-scientists, but scientists in general. They've improved our lives immeasurably, kept the lights burning and the fields producing. Plus they've also given us some good laughs with their theories, particularly the end of the world/universe ones.
People often say that time speeds up as we age, but if the latest scientific theory is true the opposite could well be the case.
The radical theory by academics suggests that time itself could be slowing down - and may eventually grind to a halt altogether.
The latest mind-bending findings - put forward by researchers working at two Spanish universities - proposes that we have all been fooled into thinking the universe is expanding.
In fact, they say, time itself is slowing down until eventually, in billions of years time, it will cease altogether.
Billions of years means very little to people who actually wonder just how they are going to manage till the end of the month. It is a good theory, though how they intend to prove it (or be around long enough to collect data) is not included in the report in a similar way that warmists refuse to discuss their theories when it's snowing and summer is delayed yet again.
When you're talking billions of years, I guess it really doesn't matter if the universe is expanding or contracting, at least not in the here and now. Indeed most of us care very little as to what might be happening in the here and now, beyond say the results of Britain hasn't got talent. Which I suspect was either planned by the powers that be or at least taken advantage of.
Still, with billions of years to spare, it might just be that we will end up with a government that actually does some good.
I was going to say filled with honest politicians, but not even billions of years could change their nature.

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banned said...

Never mind that bollox but on the topic "People often say that time speeds up as we age" I once read that this is because as we age we have fewer and fewer novel experiences that are worth remembering whereas while young every day is full of new things requiring brain power to process.