Monday, May 21, 2012

We're sitting on trillions of cubic feet of the stuff you moron

UK politicians are wedded to trying to squeeze the last drop of blood out of a stone by taxation that they'll tell blatant lies about carbon capture and green energy to do it.
Ed Davey, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, defended the “carbon floor price” policy, which sets a minimum on what British companies must pay for the greenhouse gases they produce.
He said it was “very important” to develop green energy policies and move away from relying too heavily on gas supplies from around the world.
The floor price scheme, which is due to be in place next year, is intended to encourage big companies, especially power generators, to adopt more environmentally friendly technologies.
However, critics have warned that the tax will inevitably be passed on to consumers.
Mr Davey told BBC 1's Sunday Politics programme it was right for the Government to pursue green policies to “insulate” the economy from fluctuations in world gas prices.
Question, will the carbon floor tax be passed on to consumers? Oh yes, energy suppliers are companies, they are beholden to their shareholders, their job is to show a profit, not absorb fairy tale costs from moronic ministers.
Question, is the UK dependant on foreign energy supplies. At the moment yes, but only because the idiots in government wont get off their arses to allow fracking due to enviroloony pressure. The UK could be sitting on trillions of cubic feet of shale gas which is relatively cheap to extract and would bring energy prices down (which it already has in the USA) Certainly there are still checks to be made about water tables and land subsidence leading to earth tremors though the current evidence suggests that no one would really notice.
No, what the government wants to do is carry on using useless bird mincers and solar panel technology to make us pay a high premium for our energy supplies to fill the governments coffers (and a few millionaires pockets) with taxpayers cash via subsidies and levies. Fully supported by the enviroloonies who believe we should simply sit and shiver in the dark in some sort of medieval paradise whilst nature reduces the population back to ignorant serfs ruled by a few technocrats.
So called environmentally low carbon energy supplies are expensive and usually not terribly environmentally friendly at all. The power they generate other than nuclear (which has its own attendant risks) is irregular, expensive and dependant on outside factors such as wind and sunshine. Too little or too much wind and a bird mincer wont work and try running a solar panel at night to see how far you get. In other words they're pretty useless and not likely to improve any time soon. Nuclear which is reliable is also expensive, both to build and to generate. We can throw up several gas generating plants in the time it takes to build one nuclear plant. Still, it is an option and best not to have all our eggs in one basket, just make sure they are reliable eggs is all.
Global warming or whatever they're calling it this month is dead, the public don't believe in it, the only reason it's still around is that enviroloonies believe it's useful to their cause and government to their coffers. The planet is going into a cooling cycle and there's far more chance of a mini ice age than seas rising due to it being too warm. But to admit this would be for governments to admit to having lied to us, to con us out of billions of pounds of our cash on useless vanity projects to appease the green god.
In the meantime our pensioners freeze to death and we ration our usage of energy whilst sitting on trillions of tons of cheap extractable energy.

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microdave said...

Good luck (sic) with your "Green" policies Mr Davey - where do you think all the technology is going to come from?

The old joke "Will the last person to leave the country please turn off the lights" needs updating - there won't BE any lights on by then...

wiggiatlarge said...

Mr Davey was waffling on the Today program in the same vein, managed to go the whole program without admitting that what is being offered regarding the new nuclear power stations involves a subsidy of any sort and ad nauseum on how we must have green mix and how the initial high subsidies involved will result in cheaper energy as the ongoing costs are less! like no ongoing subsidies, give me strength.