Sunday, May 20, 2012

Until proven guilty?

John Terry stands accused of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand of QPR, and he's denied the accusation. Still that has never stopped the so called "righteous" of wandering into the area of subjudicy and more so for the high chief of the righteous David Cameron.
DAVID Cameron has been caught on camera saying it was “good” that footballer John Terry had been banned from playing in last night’s Champions League final, according to newspaper reports. The Prime Minister is said to have told German leader Angela Merkel that the Chelsea and England captain had “said some bad things” while the pair were speaking informally during the G8 summit in the US.
Terry is due to stand trial in July accused of racially abusing Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand during a match last October. He has strenuously denied the charge.
Legal experts reportedly said Mr Cameron’s comments were “poorly judged if he thought he could be overheard”.
All the more disgraceful as the reason Terry didn't play last night wasn't because of the charges but because he had been given a red card in one of the semi-final ties, so couldn't play.
It really does appear that even the accusation of racism is enough for those in the race industry along with their backers to assume that you're guilty no matter what, unless of course you're abusing the English, then it's ok (apparently). Until a court trial decides Terry's fate then he's innocent until proven guilty, Cameron should know this, the man's the bloody prime minister for God's sake. He should not have even mentioned the circumstance surrounding an ongoing case in an area where he may have been overheard or indeed with a foreign national, the Duke of Edinburgh (one of the three royals who has my utmost respect) and his list of gaffes should have served as a warning.
But no, the righteous have decided Terry is guilty no matter what, they've already made up their minds.

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Captain Haddock said...

It'd be bloody hilarious if Terry's defence were to claim that his right to a fair trial had been prejudiced by Cameron's remarks ..

I'd love to see Cameron in the dock, trying to explain himself, whilst his arsehole was busy going sixpence, half-a-crown, dustbin lid .. ;)

Anonymous said...

Saying that though, the sight of Terry in full kit with the trophy last night was ludicrous. He is a twat.

Quiet_Man said...

I'd go so far as to agree with you over that anon, but Cameron needs to remember that he's an innocent twat until the jury says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

True...but with Cameron being the country's biggest twat, there isnt much chance of that

Anonymous said...

True...but with Cameron being the country's biggest twat, there isnt much chance of that

English Pensioner said...

A good QC should enjoy himself with Cameron's remarks. I look forward to this happening!