Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not the real enemy

The EDL will be turning out in Luton this coming weekend, it's a celebration of 3 years of the organisation coming into being. 3 years in which the spotlight has been turned upon Islam in the UK, the previous and current governments policy of ruinous uncontrolled immigration and the growth of home grown terrorism within the UK.
Naturally there are those who would choose to bury their heads in the sand, or simply oppose the EDL because of who they perceive them to be, mostly on the left of the political spectrum as they do not like opposition that they don't or can't control.
Luton Today.
SPEAKERS at a meeting last night called for people in Luton to come together and oppose the ‘Islamophobia’ of the English Defence League, who are holding a protest rally in Luton on May 5.
The EDL have been told by Bedfordshire Police that they can hold their rally in Park Street, while coalition group ‘We Are Luton’ are being allowed to protest in Wardown Park.
‘We Are Luton’ is made up of different groups, including trade unions, Unite Against Fascism (UAF), the Green Party and the Luton Council of Mosques.
A UAF-produced poster displayed at last night’s meeting showed a picture of EDL leader Stephen Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson, alongside a photo of Norwegian killer Anders Breivik, with the slogan, ‘Different Faces, Same Hatred’.
Labour councillor Sian Timoney told the meeting: “Last time, people told the EDL, ‘Sod off, we don’t want you here.’ That is the message we need to give them again this time.
“This town is proud of its diversity.
“There were comments last time saying the UAF are as bad as the EDL, that they just want a fight. Emotions run high and I would urge everyone to have a calm and peaceful protest.”
 The last statement is somewhat hysterical considering that in the picture top left is Wayman Bennett one of the UAF thugs responsible for most of the violence at EDL demo's.
There's also the usual attempt to link Anders Breivik to the EDL despite their being no evidence other than a possible intro on the EDL forum by someone using a name Breivik is supposed to have used, this being despite the fact that anyone can join the EDL forum which is a focal point for discussion and not the EDL itself.
However the real enemy despite the claims of the committee are those of the Islamic faith living in Luton.
FOUR suspected terrorists accused of plotting an attack in Britain were yesterday sent to the Old Bailey.
Zahid Iqbal, 30, Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed, 24, Syed Hussain 21, and Umar Arshad, 23, were remanded in custody at London’s Westminster Magistrates Court until May 11.
They had been arrested at their homes in Luton last week.
Before the hearing, prosecutor Piers Arnold said: “It is alleged the men committed acts of terrorism, or assisted others to commit acts.”
Mr Arnold, of the Counter Terrorism Division of the Crown Prosecution Service, added: “The alleged conduct included planning travel overseas, organising training, purchasing survival equipment and supplying funds for terrorist purposes.”
The EDL have never plotted to kill anyone and have never provided funds for terrorists,they have even refused to allow association to the EDL of groups known to support terrorism. yet you wont see a committee in Luton come together to deal with the real problem in their midst, they'd rather target the patriots of the EDL for highlighting the situation in the first place.
Luton and the various organisations making up ‘We Are Luton’ should really be concentrating on cleaning up their own house though judging by the picture they already have two of the enemy within anyway.
‘We Are Luton’ should be ashamed of the fact that they are being manipulated into defending a terrorist supporting religion whose tentacles run deep within its community. That they can't see this is to their eternal shame, that they have allied themselves to the vile UAF who support violence against ordinary patriots and have demonstrated in support of Islamic paedophilic grooming gangs in various cities in the country simply shows them to be either depraved or incredibly naive.
Still, what else can you expect from the organised left.

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Ann said...

'We are Luton' group = traitors.
These despicable people should be hung at traitors gate, all of them. How the islamists must laugh at their stupidity and all-embracing welcome, absolutely sickening. My thanks go to the EDL for at least trying to do something. I will never, ever, forgive the Labour party for what they did to my country, and the present lot aren't much better. Hope it all goes peacefully.