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An unbecoming trait Oxford

My recent post "This seems to be an unbecoming cultural trait" about the activity of "Asian" grooming gangs in Dewsbury touched upon in the comments regarding some sort of similar activity in Oxford, though the information given in the Oxford Mail and the Telegraph was notable more by the absence of certain facts about the perpetrators, though the Modus Operandi was apparently the same. Still it was always possible that the miscreants in this case were not Asians and were from the indigenous community despite it not really being their style (UK white paedophiles tend to be solitary individuals who only pass information online, as they know what the general public think of such activities)
Oxford Mail (1)
Twelve men, aged between 21 and 37 years old, were arrested on suspicion of a variety of offences including causing the prostitution of females under the age of 18, administrating drugs for the purpose of rape, trafficking, grooming and rape.
They are currently all in police custody.
The raids were carried out as part of Operation Bullfinch, an investigation into child exploitation on 24 girls aged between 11 and 16 years old in Oxford. 
''The experience of our members in the network is that both victims and offenders come from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds.''
The alleged crimes include causing the prostitution of females under the age of 18, administrating drugs for the purpose of rape, trafficking, grooming and rape.
The trafficking allegations are not understood to involve children being transported into the country from overseas.
Instead the charge relates to the alleged victims being moved from elsewhere in the UK.
"My neighbourhood policing teams will be carrying out reassurance patrols in the area issuing information about the operation with contact details if people need further information, or would like to report any activity in relation to this investigation" 
A wide range of cultural and social backgrounds?
Oxford Mail (2)
THREE men have appeared in court so far today after police raids on an alleged child sex ring in Oxford.
The men - who can now be named for the first time - appeared at a magistrates’ court.
Thirty-one-year-old hospital porter Akhtar Dogar, of Tawney Street, East Oxford, faces three charges of rape, one of conspiring to rape a child, three of arranging the prostitution of a child, one of making a threat to kill and one of trafficking.
His 30-year-old unemployed brother Anjum Dogar faces one charge of conspiring to rape a child, one of arranging prostitution of a child and trafficking.
Twenty-six-year-old security guard Kamar Jamil, of Aldwich Road, Oxford, faces four charges of rape, two of arranging the prostitution of a child, one of making a threat to kill and one of possession of cocaine with intent to supply.
Now colour me sceptical if amongst the offenders at least there appears to be only one culture involved (so far) that being the Islamic culture of Pakistani origin, Dogar and Jamil being Pakistani surnames. So, now we have trials in Dewsbury, Liverpool and Manchester (involving a Rochdale ring) an ongoing trial in Telford, plus an ongoing case in Blackpool involving the grooming of 60 young girls vis 4 "Asian" owned takeaway premises in that town. All involving Muslims of Pakistani origin and all involving the grooming and abuse of underage girls not in their communities for sexual purposes.
You'd think that local authorities would be falling over themselves to make sure that the community involved is investigated thoroughly to make sure that young girls on their patch are ok.
You'd of course be wrong...
Lancashire Telegraph.
BLACKBURN will be given a six-figure windfall to help the area deal with right wing extremism.
The council has been chosen to lead the way with tackling community integration issues following its response to the English Defence League protest last April.
Council leader Kate Hollern welcomed the funding boost to tackle ‘the menace’ of the EDL and far-right organisations.
The high-profile 2011 demo was Lancashire Police’s biggest ever operation, but passed off without major incident.
Yes, the people protesting about the behaviour of the grooming gangs are the ones to be targetted by the local councils.
You really couldn't make it up...
Addendum, this is a comprehensive list of (known) grooming crimes committed by the Muslim community.
Keighley 2005 :
Oldham 2006 :
Blackburn 2007 :
Manchester 2008 :
Blackburn 2008 :
Skipton 2009 :
Rotherham 2010 :
Rochdale 2010 :
Rochdale 2010 :
Nelson 2010 :
Preston 2010 :
Derby 2011 :
Blackpool 2011 :
Burnley 2012 :
Dewsbury 2012 :
Barking, East London 2012 :
Telford 2012 :
Rochdale 2012 :
Blackburn 2012 :
Oxford 2012 :

List compiled by Raj Singh, EDL forum

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malvoisin said...

I do recall a detective on one of the more recent cases saying it is like a tidal wave in all our towns and cities. I am afraid that the list you have posted is but the tip of a huge iceberg.