Friday, March 23, 2012

A matter of pride

The English are the forgotten partner of the United Kingdom, save only perhaps when it comes to taking the blame for some of the UK's more heinous acts, the Scots and Welsh often sidestepping their role in the Kingdoms more murky past when blame is being cast. The English themselves until fairly recently were happy enough to interchange the terms English and British, at least until the Scots and Welsh were afforded the means to partially go their own way after Blair's devolution, when it became obvious to put it as Orwell did, that some animals were more equal than others.
Yet still in the world of the powers that be there are slights against the English, whom most of them appear to hate and derided with petty little slights. Take the new Olympic strip...

Something missing here...
Designed by Stella McCartney, three cheers for the Black, white and blue...
Yes, with only a very scant helping of red on the collar and cuffs, Stella appears to have decided the English flags part of the Union Flag is an unnecessary option in the colour scheme.

Here's one I did earlier, sorry Irish people, it's just a quick knock up.
Not everyone's happy of course, save perhaps the powers that be and the odd "well it doesn't matter so long as we win stuff" types. But it matters to a lot of the English who are pig sick of being treated as second class citizens in their own land.
Yes I know the Welsh have a right to be aggrieved over the lack of incorporation of their flag into the design, though there are historical reasons for that and their flag is not part of the Union flag to begin with (perhaps it should) But you could imagine the reaction of the Scots to an all shades of red union flag Olympic design. I also doubt that the Irish represented by their flag are any too happy either.
Once again the powers that be who represent the UK and hate the English have gotten their way with a petty snub to our flag and our nation. I suspect there are a few more English today that were british yesterday...

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DeeDee99 said...

Well said Quiet Man.

But the more they ignore us and try to pretend we don't exist, the more an English identity is making a comeback.

At a recent folk concert in Dorking several groups of local Morris dancers turned up to entertain passersby and the crowd outside the theatre .... and no-one was mocking them.

"Smile at us, pay us, pass us,
but do not quite forget
We are the people of England
And we haven't spoken yet."

editor said...

Bang on another intentional insult to the English.

Do you fancy writing something for the English Standard sometime? Let me know if it's of interest editor at englishstandard dot co

No dot UK involved. Would be great to have something from you QM