Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A jail in Doncaster has been expanded to house 325 new inmates, yet according to a source in the BBC they're all apparently sex offenders, which has not exactly gone down well in the town.
More than 300 sex offenders have been sent to an expanded South Yorkshire jail in a move described by a town mayor as "outrageous".
It means sex offenders now make up about a third of the population of Moorland Prison near Doncaster.
The town's elected mayor Peter Davies questioned where inmates would go on their release from the category C jail.
Sources told the BBC that all 325 new inmates were sex offenders. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) denied this.
Well, in one sense they've got to put them somewhere, though most people would rather they were put down, though personally speaking for the child molesters I'd far rather they were put on an isolated island somewhere and told to grow their own. But if they are all sex offenders, that does give Doncaster a bit of a problem when they do come out, assuming they don't wish to return to where they are known and face summary justice from the locals. I can't imagine any town or city would appreciate the scum of the Earth hanging around their environs, but as an aside, they do have to go somewhere.
The situation also has the potential to become a lot worse for the prison system anyway, there are a lot of ongoing trial in the various grooming cases happening throughout the country, some are in trial, a lot more are being investigated as the "official" cover up appears to have failed, with a possibility of riots in the summer if the full scale of things ever comes to light (which it hasn't yet, this thing is apparently a lot bigger than the few trials to have happened so far) So we may well need a lot more prison space and it does appear that prisoners are being shifted around the country to make room for something.
It might just of course be that our prisons are full to overflowing (they are) and that this is just an administrative transfer. However it is curious with all these grooming trials going on that sex offenders are being shifted from various other prisons and being put in one place (assuming this is happening)
I guess we'll just have to wait and see, though I do have a sneaking suspicion that the BBC source is right, though the BBC themselves haven't thought through the implication or have as ever avoided them in the name of community cohesion.

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Anonymous said...

If they put all the new grooming offenders in one place it means they only need to have one mosque. Bradford is just up the road for the halal meat too.

Durotrigan said...

The question is: has it been provided with a multifaith prayer room (i.e. a mosque)?