Thursday, March 29, 2012


There are consequences to every government attempt to force people into doing something they don't want to do, be it with booze or cigarettes, or simply by allowing through their actions the price of a commodity to become too high via excessive taxation.
10+ years ago, no one would really have considered wood burning stoves as a way to heat their house, or even to help cook, yes it was available, but it wasn't mainstream so to speak. Well not until the environmental levy on fuel prices...
The large-scale theft of timber from National Trust woodland in Gloucestershire may be due to high fuel prices, say countryside rangers.
Staff at the Haresfield Beacon estate near Stroud say people are driving away vehicles laden with logs.
An increase in the use of wood-burning stoves because of high gas prices has been blamed for the thefts.
The trust says dead wood left on the ground is an important part of the woodland habitat.
National Trust countryside ranger Tim Jenkins said at least 20% of trees cut down in managed woodland were left on the ground deliberately. The remaining trees are sold on.
One of the guys I work with has just fitted a wood burning stove into his house, unsurprisingly he has a chain saw, as far as he's concerned if it's left lying on the ground for more than a day, is not on private property (he doesn't regard country parks etc as private), it's his, otherwise known as gleaning.
This is a direct consequence of the idiotic government green levy to pay for global warming climate change global climate disruption. He sees it as a relatively cheap way to heat his house and frankly considering my heating bills, I can't blame him. I guess you could call it the dark side of social engineering, alongside feral youths and welfare sink estates. You make something too expensive or restrict access to it, you either start a black market in the product, or people will find some alternative and to hell with the supposed legalities, as the National Trust is finding out.
Oddly enough the National Trust are all for measures to assist with global warming climate change global climate disruption. Save possibly people nicking their timber because of the measures taken to deal with this imaginary concept, though burning wood does release the carbon captured in the substance, so I guess they hate wood burners all the more.
But, if the government is going to use our taxes and levies us on our guel bills to subsidise bird mincers and uneconomic solar capture, this sort of thing is going to happen, legal or not.
You can almost imagine the enviroloons grinding their teeth over this, but then again they rarely consider the consequences of their actions fully anyway.

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Woodsy42 said...

That's an easy one to solve, they need to ban the sale and use of chainsaws except to licenced business. Extra licence revenue, employment opportunities to oversee it all, it's a win-win.
Sorry, shouldn't give them ideas should I?

Quiet_Man said...

You'll only start a black market in chainsaw sales.

Anonymous said...

The economics of heating my humble abode:
4 months on bottled gas - cost approx £600. This year with wood burner and back boiler (paid £10 to take it away) properly coupled to the existing heating/hot water system - £130. Allowing a very generous £100 for transport, chain oil and fuel, and files, I'm £370 up. Not a massive sum and it did take time to cut and split. Sitting in front of a log fire, depriving the oil company and the tax system - priceless!

Woodsy42 said...

Yes, of course it would - but that's OK, extra laws and employment of more snoopers to fill the secondary consequences - isn't that how they work?