Saturday, February 18, 2012

Compare and contrast (again)

Emma West will be known to quite a lot of you, she's the lady on a Croydon tram who was filmed for youtube for a so called hate rant aimed at various immigrants. It's noticeable to anyone who has viewed the original video that it appears to be selectively edited having no real beginning and a chunk missing from the middle. Emma was arrested, had her child removed by social services and nearly spent Christmas in prison as she was remanded in custody, such was the danger to the public she apparently represented. Yet oddly enough she never called for violence against anyone in the entire clip.
A woman has pleaded not guilty over an alleged racist rant on a tram in south London, which has been seen online 11 million times.
Emma West, 34, of New Addington, south London, appeared at Croydon Crown Court charged with two counts of racially-aggravated public order offences, one with intent to cause fear.
She was arrested in November after footage, filmed on a Croydon-to-Wimbledon tram, was posted on YouTube.
Emma's situation along with the farcical conviction of the attackers of Rhea Page finally highlighted to many of the UK public the two tier legal system in place throughout the country where someone with a white skin would be treated far more harshly than any other skin tone or religious outlook other than Christianity.
Though it would appear that there are other protected species too...
Birmingham Mail.
A LABOUR councillor has sparked outrage after she backed calls for the IRA to bomb the Conservative party conference which is being held in Birmingham this year.
The Labour party suspended Sunderland city councillor Florence Anderson after she "liked" on Facebook an appeal for terrorists to blow up the Conservative conference in Birmingham in October.
Her behaviour was branded "disgraceful" by party bosses, after the former deputy leader of the council "liked" the comment: "We are appealing to the IRA to find it in their hearts to bomb the next Tory conference" on the Facebook group wall.
A Labour spokesman said: "These comments are disgraceful.
"Florence Anderson has been suspended from the Labour Party with immediate effect in light of this information."
In 2010 Cllr Anderson, who is a member of the Facebook Group "Margaret Thatcher doesn’t have to be dead before we give her a funeral", wrote on Facebook she hopes Lady Thatcher "burns in Hell".
At the time she insisted: "I stand by what I said."
Before anyone gets on their high horse about the fact that she might have only been joking I'd remind you of just how seriously the police have taken facebook statements in the past when they arrested 370 EDL supporters on Remembrance Day because some idiot put on his facebook page that they were going to attack the occupy London site (they weren't, they had no intentions of anything of the sort)
The most that has happened so far is that this woman has simply been suspended despite calling for the murder of not just the Tories but anyone else who happens to work at the conference venue.
Of course socialists think they are the crème de la crème when it comes to political thinking and philosophy though the fact tend to show then rather as a bunch of violently inclined political pygmies pursuing the politics of envy. So they think that when one of their own transgresses that all should be forgiven and the matter hushed up, though woe betide the Emma West's of this country who speak their mind.

Musings of a Durotrigan has a good post on Councillor Anderson, well worth a read too and a different take on her attitudes.
Prodicus also highlights the delightful attitudes of a Union rep on Margaret Thatcher being murdered

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Durotrigan said...

QM, do you think that the individual who posted the lie about the EDL's 'intent' to attack the Occupy camp was simply an idiot or an agent provocateur? The reaction of the police to that particular Facebook posting was certainly rapid and utterly unjustified.

Quiet_Man said...

The person who did it was an EDL facebook admin (now ex admin) The suspicion was that it was an act of sabotage, the release without charge after detention in another part of London (most having missed their trains) suggests the police knew it was an empty threat but were ordered to act anyway.
The various compo claims are heading through the system though and should make for interesting reading.

Durotrigan said...

Interesting. Hopefully the claims will be successful.